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As you speak to Buyers and Sellers, as you prospect, and as you shop, work out in the gym, as you encounter anyone in your life, you can attract business by sharing what is going on in Real Estate particularly if you put an honest and positive spin to it.  So, I like to provide you with "Talking ...
At my health club I was chatting with a top National fundraising consultant.  I asked him, "What's the secret to success at getting people to make donations?" He answered, "Two things, you want to be sure that the person asking for the donation has a relationship with the giver.  If you are askin...
The most common questions an Agent is asked are: "How's business?"  "How's the market?"  The way you answer those questions can attract business to you or drive it away.  On our Free Daily Webinars I often remind Agents to consider that half of the people that ask  those questions are either thin...
Every successful business, every well run business is built and run with systems.  That is also true of every well run Real Estate Agent's business.  We are declaring in our business that 2010 is ‘The Year of Systems.'  A Real Estate Agent has a particular challenge because there are so many syst...

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