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Rich will be conducting another free educational tele-seminar this Thursday (October 2) at 3:00 PM EST. He will discuss all facets of marketing. He will also discuss Goals, habits and the who, what, why, and when of SOI Marketing. This is part 6 in his extremely popular Soft Market Series.Simply ...
I believe the best days and times to make lead generation calls are the ones you are most likely to show up for.  Many Agents choose evenings and although more people are home, by the time evening comes they don't have the motivation or energy to make the calls.  Actually making the calls is obvi...
The following are what I call the nine weaknesses of experienced Real Estate Agents.  After working with Agents one on one for over a decade, I have discovered that these are the main areas that will lead experienced Agents to add 50% to 100% in their production particularly in this market.  Thes...
More and more of my Clients in Ohio, California, Tennessee, Pennsylvania, and many other states are telling me that more buyers are showing up.  Is this the result of pent up demand?  Was the Federal Government passing of the Housing Bill the catalyst that people were waiting for to give them con...
It is weird when a topic comes up with multiple coaching Clients, in the same day, when that topic has not come up for months or longer. Four Clients, one needed to be firm with her Assistant about her service standards.  Another needed to be firm with the less productive Agents in his company.  ...
Hope this following true story makes sense.  It was just told to me by one of my coaching clients.  Talk about luck (or good coaching).   A Seller was referred to me through one of my SOI and met with me yesterday (he is currently listed with another agency and not happy).  As we are standing on ...
July 24, 2008, mark that date as a turning point.  It is the last issue of the LA Times Real Estate Guide.  The LA times announced that the July 24th edition was the last issue of the stand alone Real Estate section called ‘The Real Estate Guide" or just "The Guide."  Real Estate for sale and Rea...
Just as I was about to write this blog and I paused to think about what I would like to share today and thought about the below text in an email I received.  It made me laugh out loud.  So here's a giggle for the day.Inner PeaceI am passing this on to you because it definitely works, and we could...

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