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Looking at my notes from my Marketing Tele-seminar yesterday; a few things that may be of interest to Real Estate Agents interested in growing their business. 1.     Marketing has two edges.  One is that done right it is the lifeblood of an Agent's business.  The other is that it can be a source ...
I can't give you the details because of the people involved, but last night I saw class personified.  I just realize what that means, personified.  It means that I saw a person, people actually who perfectly, clearly and wonderfully represented a characteristic, in this case true class. I saw a p...
One Client of mine is hiring another Assistant for her team.  A new Client is delegating to another Agent while she deals with cancer.  One Client is percolating with new leads, sales, and listings.  Yet another Client is fighting to keep his attitude as he deals with a divorce and the dissolutio...
Want to learn how to screw up a good business?  There are a few variations on the theme.  Here they are.Stop planning.  Or get behind on your plan and then ignore it.Or accomplish your plan and don't plan again.Or let your plan become obsolete.My Executive Team allowed this to happen.  That's not...
One of the most valuable characteristics of a great coach is his or her unconditional belief in the unlimited success of their Client.  I feel this sincerely about my Clients.   As I was sitting with one Client yesterday and reinforcing the fact that he has fabulous contacts, fabulous skills and ...

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