yow: Why should you stage your home? - 07/13/22 09:00 AM

We are often asked this question in the real estate business. Why is home staging an important part of selling today? Home staging really makes a big difference in the view of the buyer. A stager is trained to appeal to a buyer's wants and needs and showcase your home to its full potential. A few small changes and tweaks can go a long way and make a big difference in a buyer purchasing your property for top dollar! Watch the above video to learn more! 

yow: The top 5 things to consider before listing your home - 07/06/22 10:10 AM

Thinking about selling your home in the near future? Team Jean Richer is here to help! We have made this video for you! Five tips to follow to help the future buyer say yes to your home! Watch our video to find out how these steps are proven to help your home sell faster! 

yow: Thinking About Future Retirement? - 06/29/22 08:41 AM

Do we have the retirement plan for you! Team Jean Richer can help you invest in your future today! Consider purchasing a property in the near future to rent out and then move into during your retirement days! To discuss this in detail reach out to us today or visit jeanricher.com! More information can be found in the above video! Check it out.

yow: Is selling my home in the summer a good idea? - 06/22/22 07:19 AM

Selling in the summer done right! Team Jean Richer has the key to selling your home successfully in summer 2022. We are here to prepare you for your upcoming showings this July and August with our seasoned tips and tricks to showcase your home to its top potential! Watch this episode of the Jean Richer Show to follow these steps to get your home sold that much faster! 

yow: Open Houses Are Back! - 06/15/22 07:00 AM

Hooray!! Open houses are back and better than ever! It's time to showcase your beautiful property on Sundays once again to potential buyers. Is your home prepared to show its best self? We have the tips and tricks in today's video to help you have a successful showing to find the right buyer! Give it a watch today! 

yow: Are you ready to buy a new townhouse? - 06/08/22 07:13 AM

Are you picturing yourself in a newly constructed townhome? Do we have the opportunity for you! Our Projet Dion townhomes in Rockland only have a few units left for purchase. These homes come with many features, customizable to your taste! In todays episode of The Jean Richer Show we will be discussing just what these townhomes bring to the table! Check it out!

yow: Should you sell your home before you purchase a new one? - 05/25/22 07:40 AM

This is a question I am often asked by my clients in real estate. Buying or selling first, how do you choose? This decision will truly depend on your personal situation, but the housing market at the time will be a big indication of how to proceed. In today's episode of our weekly series, I will tell you how I steer my clients to make the right choice for them during this process. Perhaps you are in the same situation? Comment below for advice! 

yow: It's Story Time! - 05/11/22 07:33 AM

My fellow realtors can attest to this, we see some crazy things in our job! This means we have lots of funny stories to tell! This is one of my favourites for sure. I was at a client's home who I thought wasn't home... then all of a sudden it's obvious that I was not alone, and the client was a cop! Can you picture it? For the full story watch the video above! Don't miss this one!

yow: What is the one thing a seller could do to sell their home faster? - 05/04/22 08:17 AM

Most sellers want to get their homes sold in a flash. That is definitely the ideal goal. There are steps that a seller can take to help this process move along with a few helpful tips from a trusted real estate agent. In this week's episode, we will be talking about these suggestions and how you can implement them! A buyer's impression happens quickly at showings, we want to make it a great one! 

yow: The Jean Richer Show - Why should I work with a buyer agent? - 04/27/22 08:51 AM

Using a buyer agent will produce greater outcome when buying a home. The benefits of using a buyer agent over a listing agent is they have your best interest. Buyer agents have knowledge of what you like and what you want and know the listings available in your preferred areas. The listing agent represents the interest of the seller, and won't understand what you're looking for as well as your hired buyer agent.  Watch my video to hear more reasons why a buyer agent will benefit your home buying experience!

yow: They Paid How Much For Their House? - 04/20/22 07:03 AM

Do you find yourself wondering why the value of a home changes so quickly in today's market? In this quick episode of The Jean Richer Show, we will outline the factors that contribute to this change and explain why the price once paid for the home, doesn't necessarily matter today. For more great real estate content head to my YouTube Channel! 

yow: My Realtor.ca Pet Peeves! - 04/13/22 07:03 AM

Here's a quick video of some things I've noticed in listings on Realtor.ca that could be deterring buyers. Great tips to increase interest in homes that may be having difficulty selling!

yow: How Did I Get Into Real Estate? - 03/23/22 07:05 AM

Would you believe me if I told you my journey into real estate was an accident? Being in the right place at the right time can really change your career! I found the job I was so excited to get up and do each and every day! Working with my clients to find them a home that is the perfect fit for them and their families has been so fulfilling! 

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