PalmerHouse Properties - Roswell   Are you a buyer who is sitting on the fence wondering if it is time to buy? Well the rates dropped again to below 4% and the home prices are the lowest we will ever see. Imagine if you could buy a house with a payment that is equal to what a car payment is. It i...
Roswell - PalmerHouse Properties Are you a first time buyer who renting and have been thinking of buying? Now is the best time to buy a home than ever before.  The home prices and interest rate are lower than we have seen in decades.  Do not let this opportunity pass you up.  Home ownership can b...
Roswell - PalmerHouse Properties   Are you one of the many homeowners struggling to make your mortgage payment and not sure what to do? Thinking of walking away, foreclosing or giving the keys back to the bank. Make sure you understand that once the bank takes back the property and sells it they ...
Roswell - PalmerHouse Properties   Roswell has many upscale neighborhoods that have upscale homes for sale.  Some of these homes are Foreclosures or REO properties and are a terrific buy.  Theses luxury homes can be found in Brookfield Country Club, Litchfield Estates and many others in the area....
Roswell - PalmerHouse Properties Are you looking for a Realtor who is one your side and will always follow up?  My commitment to my clients is to always follow up within no less than 2 - 4 hours during business days.  In this market you need a Realtor who us knowledgeable in all aspects of distre...
Roswell - PalmerHouse Properties   Many Home Owners are struggling and do not know where to turn to avoid Foreclosures .  I am a Certified Distressed Property Expert (CDPE) which enables me to evaluate if you are able to Short Sale your home. If you are, I have all the tools necessary to work wit...
Roswell - PalmerHouse Properties Are you a Home Owner that is thinking that you will miss out on all the great buys in the market.  It is not all doom and gloom if you are thinking of selling and buying a new home.  You may not get what your want for your current home, but you will make up the lo...
Roswell - PalamerHouse Properties With the average rents climbing and and the average home prices are at historical lows, why not think of buying.  This is an ideal time for anyone who is renting to buying.  It is still the American Dream to own a home.  You can get a home with little down and lo...
Roswell - PalmerHouseProperties Are you thinking of buying your first time home, investment property, second home or down size?  This is the best time to buy any type of home.  The inventory is the highest since records have been kept and your options are limitless. Home Prices and Interest Rates...
Roswell - PalmerHouse Properties   If you are thinking of selling your home in the South, the fall can be one of the good times to sell.  The weather is mild with no humidity and the leaves are changing slowly.  Buyers are enticed with the beautiful colors of the fall in Atlanta.  I have had some...

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