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Utah County Real Estate, Utah County's Home Buyer Brokerage. Utah Luxury Real Estate agents are all trained to help provide Utah County Home Buyers with the very best tools needed to complete a very successful Purchase in Utah Real Estate
Highland Homes for Sale and your Home Selling Options Today, in Our Real Estate market, selling a home is not as easy as it has been in the past. You may find yourself without a single interested buyer and forced to rethink how you want to approach your dilemma. Sure, you could spend hundreds of ...
Highland Homes for Sale and Seller Motivation When looking for homes for my buyer clients, I have found that the Seller’s Motivation can have a dramatic effect on the price of the home. The most common “Motivated Seller” is someone who has already bought his or her next home or is relocating to a...
Highland Homes for Sale, the Real Estate Purchase Offer and Contingencies When it comes time to make an offer on your new home, occasionally there are a few obstacles that make it difficult. It is sometimes hard to discover all the potential problems that might go wrong, but you might want to ant...
Highland Homes for Sale and Home Buyer Mistakes Well you have finally decided that it is time to stop renting and that you need to purchase a new home. Be aware that is important to stay calm and think your way through the process; don’t get so excited that you overlook a few very important steps...
Highland Homes for Sale and the First-Time Home Buyer Typically a First Time Home Buyer is considered to be someone who has not had an ownership interest in a home for 3 years or more. Some home loan guidelines are longer than that. There are many Down Payment Assistance grants, low interest loan...
Highland Homes for Sale and the Home Buyer Agent As of 1994, the state of Utah authorized Buyer’s Agency. In Utah County, and throughout the state, buyers can choose an agent to work exclusively on their behalf. Buyer agency benefits include: Buyer’s agents are almost always paid out of the proce...
Highland Homes for Sale – Home Buyer Representative When it’s time to buy a home, it’s also time to select a buyer’s agent to represent your interests in this all-important transaction. But how do you choose one? Here are some of the most significant issues to consider and questions to ask when i...
Highland Homes for Sale and Foreclosure Properties   Distressed sales are a sad fact of the Real Estate market. While no one wants to see a homeowner lose their home, these properties also present unique opportunities for buyers. To determine whether you are a candidate for such a purchase, it's ...
Park City Real Estate and Closing Costs Closing on a property is a very challenging time for a would-be homeowner. Being informed, either through your mortgage broker, Realtor, or through self-knowledge is the best thing you can be when going through this procedure. A good Realtor can help you tr...
  Park City Real Estate and Improving Your Credit Score Generally speaking the number one criterion a Mortgage lender considers when qualifying a Home Buyer for a mortgage loan is a good Credit Score. The higher Credit Score, usually the lower the Interest Rate. Other factors are obviously consid...

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