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When people come to our community of Big Canoe (a private gated community of over 8,000 acres in the North Georgia Mountains), they ask what activities take place that they can be involved with.  The answer can be as simple as, you can be active 7 days a week, or you can be a hermit.  Something i...
Several things have happened to me over the past few weeks that make me question when people should make the decision to downsize.  For years we asked my mother-in-law to move in with us because of her failing health, but she refused.  Her independence meant so much to her, although no close rela...
At time I find myself with a difficult client and wonder if I should proceed with the relationship or bail. is during these times that I learn some interesting things about myself.  First, I have alot of patience.  I am a good listener and I know I can bring a difficult client around by...
When meeting with prospective listing clients, I enter into a dialogue with them about the necessity of making their home not only show worthy inside, but curb appeal outside.  There have been times when I have driven a client to see a particular home and they have taken one look at the outside a...
There seems to be alot of paperwork involved in doing a listing. not to mention, all the up front time in preparing for the listing presentation.  However, it is worth the effort and time.  I have found that having listings subsidizes my income inbetween selling homes and property myself. In my a...
Creative forms of selling homes are increasing.  More home owners are offering owner financing to get the deal done.  I think there are positive and negatives involved in these deals.  Has anyone had any experience with these types of financing. Right now I have a couple who want to purchase usin...
I have been looking over the statistics of the homes sold this year in the community of Big Canoe, and find a large proportion of homes in the $300K range.  Is this the average range for today's buyers?  It could be in our community.  Many buyers, knowing the real estate market, are searching for...
It is hard to believe this is the middle of October and the fall colors have not taken over all the trees.  This is always an excellent time of year for prospective "buyers" to drive up to the North Georgia mountains to gaze at all the brilliant foliage and purchase apples.  I'll just keep lookin...
Last night, cold weather came to the community of Big Canoe in Georgia.  It is 45 degrees and I have carefully selected what to wear today.  Why, because I have clients coming up to look at houses.  Amazing how weather will NOT deter people who are serious in their journey to find just the right ...
When clients come to you to look for a home, do you take time to LISTEN and HEAR what they are looking for, or are you showing them what you want them to see?  I know of some agents who already have a "list in their minds" of what they want to sell them.  Sometimes this works for them, but I can ...

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