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Most of my business comes from referrals. From past clients. From members of networking groups of which I'm a member. Occasionally, from other real estate agents - both commercial and residential. Referrals are great. I rarely have to compete with other brokers for the business because the prospe...
Schedule your email. Stop multi-tasking. Eliminate distrations.  Don't I wish. Easier said than done, right? These are just 3 of the 7 things highly productive people do according to an article by Ilya Pozen on (  As...
Creativity is nice, but from a tenant rep's perspective, I want the basics done right before anything else. First, make sure that you have good marketing collateral - property brochures and as-built floor plans on all vacant spaces. Make sure the as-builts are prepared by an architect and not jus...
Yesterday, I attended a sales seminar put on by Chuck Bauer (  Chuck is a nationally recognized sales trainer and coach who has worked with some of the largest financial institutions in the country.  He asked the question, "What Causes Sales?" The audience threw out lots of su...
I was the guest on this radio show Monday night. We talk about selling to CEO's, CFO's, etc. Please listen and let me know your feedback. Here is the link - Here is the text if you...
Here are 10 ways to know you picked the wrong tenant rep. While the size of the spaces you’re shown seem okay, none are laid out remotely close to what you need. When you ask if the suite can be remodeled, you’re told, “Sure, no problem.” Your broker sends you a 50 page computer print-out of ever...
Thankful?   Why should I be thankful?    My 401k is worth the same as it was in 2001 and I have no prospects of retiring before my kids reach retirement age.  I really don't want to open the envelope when the statement comes in the mail at the end of each month.   I'd like to replace the cars, s...
According to an article in the Dallas Business Journal on Friday (, Texas added another 13,500 jobs in October on top of the 200,000 already created in 2011 so far. That makes 18 months of job gro...
Several years ago I was talking to a friend and mentioned that I had sold my house as a For Sale By Owner (FSBO).  He was surprised that it was possible to buy or sell a house without a residential real estate agent.  I was shocked that he didn't know he could trade real estate without a broker -...
People are constantly talking about Facebook, Twitter and YouTube. But what about LinkedIn? That's where business is supposed to be done, right? While I want to keep up with my friends, I really want to drive more sales. So why isn't LinkedIn more popular and talked about?  I ran across an articl...

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