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If Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae REALLY want to liquidate their REOs they should list their properties with agents who can manage them! Fannie/Freddie NEED to Spread their REOs out among Various Listing Agents!   Has this happened to you?!? Lately I have had clients make offers on Freddie Mac REOs w...
Think you aren't qualified to buy a home?  Maybe you should get a second opinion! The media has done a great job of putting the word out that the real estate market has suffered during the last 2 years.  What they haven't done is talk about what a great buying opportunity this has created for man...
As the availability of credit continues to be tight (it could get tighter!) having a good credit score is now more important than it has ever been and having a low credit score will carry with it a variety of costs both tangible and intangible. Think about it from the bank's perspective, many peo...
Foreclosed properties are no good for anyone (except perhaps buyers).  Banks lose money, homeowners lose their homes, neighbors and neighborhoods lose value and equity.  Many homeowners see their dream of owning a home go up in smoke.     How do we in the Real Estate industry help stop this snowb...
Mortgage interest rates are again at an all time low and, with housing prices expected to increase slightly in 2010 (analysts have predicted 3-4%), a generous Tax Credit available to many home buyers, Now may be the best time to purchase a home.  Take a look at the historical chart below and see ...
 Are You Financially Fit?  Give yourself a Financial Physical   Just like an "annual physical" with your doctor, it is equally as important to get a "financial physical" to make sure you are using your money to your optimum advantage. The following observations and questions are designed to get ...
Good news!  It appears we are getting closer to an approved extension of the Home Buyer Tax Credit.  According to this morning the Senate reached a tentative agreement to extend the tax credit for first-time home buyers. Fox says "The agreement would extend the existing credit for fir...
Financial strategies evolve with the direction of the economy.  Back in the early 90's it was considered a good financial strategy to prepay your home mortgage.  Many financial experts considered it a good return on your cash - to pay down a mortgage that may be as high as 10%, rather than invest...
Your credit score is a three digit number ranging from 350 to 850. Roughly 50% of consumers have a score above 720. The higher your credit score is, the lower you can expect your interest rates and fees on loans to be. Your credit report indicates to lenders how you have handled your credit in th...
The Real Estate Community must be pro-active in having our voices heard by the Obaba Administration.  I don't just mean Real Estate Agents, I mean Lenders, Appraisers, Title and Escrow companies, consumers, builders, suppliers, sub contractors, and any one else who has an interest in having the h...

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