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It’s just after 8 am this morning on the Amtrak Cascades. I’ll be pulling into the Tacoma station in just a couple of minutes. I’m coming through Sumner, Washington and never tire of seeing Mt Rainier.I’m intrigued by that air mass moving over the mountain with its thin wispy clouds. Sumner, in P...
Deschutes Brewery and Public HouseIt was a hot day in Portland, Oregon, hovering around 100 degrees, Friday, July 31st. I’d been up since 5 am to catch the Amtrak Cascades train. My friend Dave and I were having a great day in the Pearl District. Our mission to visit Powell’s Books was completed ...
Friday's Fotos... Hey, I hear you gotta a new machine!Cool... Is this a special order? I hear the new OS that comes with this one boots so fast it’s like instant on. I don’t see any shortcut keys. Voice recognition maybe? It must be built for speed, that’s a really clean layout. How’s the zoom? G...
Throwback Thursdays: Mr. Loken's class...That’s me down in the lower left corner. I still remember that cashmere sports jacket! Mom made it for me and oh my did I ever love that thing! I’ve forgotten at least half the names of the kids in our class from back then and I haven’t seen any of them si...
TUK TAC PDX a blue moon Friday.Do you love trains? I do... I don’t take them nearly enough. I love kinda everything about them. What they are, the sounds they make, they’re on rails, they got the best horns... I shared a pic and talked a little about my F riday off adventure to Portland at: Day T...
Wordless Wednesday: I’m set for the week!It’s Tuesday! I’m on my way through town for home and swing by the Renton Farmer’s Market. Everything looks so good today! Fresh veggies, fruits and flowers all look so wonderful this week.Fresh crispy organic apples from Wenatchee, Washington. A really ni...
I took Friday off and with my friend Dave Hoskin we rode the Amtrak Cascades train to Portland, Oregon for the day. Dave and I share a passion for books so we’re headed for Powell’s City of Books...More on the trip in a later post, today I want to share this photo of the Narrows Bridge. We’re alm...
I’m in a state of anticipation about the Windows 10 upgrade. I’m running Windows 7 Home Premium on my personal laptop. It’s the one I get most of my social media, blogging, video, and writing done. I signed up for the free upgrade a couple of months age for this computer. It’s getting to be (in c...
Wordless Wednesday: We're in the Parade!Some of my fondest memories as a kid were being in Cub Scouts and Boy Scouts. These young guys are obviously totally in the moment together and having the time of their lives.  Renton River Days Parade, July 25, 2015, Renton, Washington.If you’re not in the...
Speechless Sundays ~ "Hi Siri, could you connect me..."#Siri #iPhone #technology #newtechnology #oldtechnology #smartphone #oldphones

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I'm a teacher, artist, blogger and public speaker who lives in the Pacific Northwest. My passion is the evolving social media environment and how it is profoundly changing the way we do life and business.

I'm a certified clock hour instructor who really enjoys teaching social media marketing and emerging technologies to real estate professionals. I work for the First American Title Real Estate School of Washington.

I also enjoy teaching social media strategies for entrepreneurs and small business in the continuing education department at Bellevue College.