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THIS LAST WEEK, I RECEIVED A CALL FROM A LADY IN DESPERATE NEED OF GETTING SOME QUICK CASH IN ORDER TO SAVE HER HOME.She was living in a beautiful mobile home park for 55+. Her mother had passed away a few years before and she had taken her inheritance and invested in a beautiful double-wide mobi...
KOREAN WAR VET LOSES HOME OF 32 YEARS AFTER GIRLFRIEND GETS A REVERSE MORTGAGE.This is the headline I woke up to on Friday, April 2, 2015. The article is full of false and misleading information about Reverse Mortgages that I would like to take a moment to clarify for those who might have read th...
  SO YOU KNOW YOU WANT TO PROCEED WITH A REVERSE MORTGAGE, BUT NOW YOU ARE TOLD THAT YOU MUST HAVE A COUNSELING APPOINTMENT. WHY? First of all, the counseling is required by the U.S. Housing and Urban Development also known as HUD. The counselors must be approved by HUD before they can begin coun...

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