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This is my 25th year in the Real Estate business. People always ask me how I am able to "survive" by doing just rentals. Not to be confused with property management which I do not do. I made 6 figures doing rentals in 2009 and 2008 and expect to in 2010. I say to my fellow agents How do you survi...
Hi, Eddie Edwards here. RentalPreneur and marketing expert in Northern VA. I am still looking for agents or anyone in a related company that I can advertise for free on my website RentalHousing.com. Please contact me as soon as you read this :)   Eddie E-mail RENTL@aol.com 703-748-6154
I am convinced that MOST Realtors do not want to deal with rentals. Prove me wrong! I want to hear from you. I don't care how small or how big you are, rookie, veteran please e-mail me. I am looking for referral sources nationwide. Thanks!
That's right, My name is Eddie Edwards and I made at least that doing just rentals. I have a 99.9% closing rate and I rarely spend anymore than 5 hours with a clients AND I charge them for my services and they are happy to pay me. If you are in Northern VA and want a private meeting with me to le...
I am looking for rental professionals to advertise on my site for Free. NO charge Zero, Nadda, Nothing, El Zippo! I will help refer you business in exchange for a small referral fee of which you set. My Website RentalHousing.com. Here's my website http://eddieedwards.com Please e-mail me RENTL@ao...
I've been a licensed Realtor for 24 years. I do not sell homes. I only help people locate rentals and list rental properties. Realtors come to me all of the time and ask how I survive or how you can do rentals and make a living. Well, I'm doing better than most Realtors I know and I do not sell h...
Click on this link for an overview and then click on The BillionaireU link and sign up. I love this series of videos from a person who was a Millionaire Twice and a Billionaire. Best tax deductible $1000.00 you will spend and it's good for a full year. I have never promoted anyone in my 23 years...
Hello all of you active rain agents and professionals. I want to update my website but need your feedback. I know that it's not a fancy website with lots of cool looking flash pictures. Or me standing there with my arms crossed with one of those pictures they take from the top of your head. I jus...
I am please to announce that I will begin training Real Estate professionals on how to close 99% of all of your renters and how to properly market rental properties. For 23 years I have been helping people find rental homes and helping owners of rental properties find great tenants. When I first ...
  Eddie Edwards is and continues to be a leader, visionary and a "rentalprenuer" in the rental housing industry. I am impressed by his accomplishments and would recommend him to anyone needing the best in rental marketing and search services. Bill Bartmann  "a self-made billionaire, and the leadi...

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