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Be forewarned, this post isn't a get rich quick idea, or a magical formula to turn straw into gold.  Not much comes without some hard work to even the best of us these days, not since at least 2005 that is, when phantom property values topped out.What I am suggessting is that investment realestat...
We just purchased our 2nd foreclosed property from the bank this year, done some additional research, and determined banks are really anxious to offload their inventory.  Their anxiety is so high they are willing to offload them for just about anything (within reason) which spells a very profitab...
A couple years ago I had this question myself. At that time I visited the local credit reporting office in my town, and while they used to run screens on behalf of landlords have stopped that activity. That is also true of pretty much every local screening company. Property managers can run backg...
A good friend and local mortgage broker referred me to Activerain today and I, we, are pleased to be here!  Thanks Paul!  For a good time Rentec Direct has been maturing in the property management software marketplace and while there's a good chance the name is new to many of you here in the "rai...

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