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As a real estate professional you hear it all the time…”Consumers are turning to the Internet first to research their next home purchase.” NAR says that number is approximately 84% of all buyers. So you start thinking of how you can position your business online to help those consumers looking fo...
Real Estate agents need to use graphs to show important market and housing data. The problem is all too often the charts used to illustrate an important point lack visual clarity. Well that's not the case with Fusion Charts as they provide the leading flash animated charts on the market. Well the...
ComScore has release their November stats for Search Engine Ranking and things are much like last month. Google making slight gains, Yahoo having minor losses. Microsoft, Ask and others bring up the tail.According to comScore, Google has retained 58.6% of all search. That's up .2% from last month...
Are you setting your real estate blog apart from the rest? What are you doing special or different? NikNik over at MyTechOpinion has just published part 2 of her list on how to get readers to your real estate blog. In part 1 NikNik covered essentials like Custom Widgets, Social Bookmarking & Tagg...
For those of us that are trying to market ourselves online, search engine ranking is very important. However the question always comes up, "What search engine is my demographic using?" Of course we all know how important Google is, but how far in front of the other search engines are they? What s...

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