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For buyers, purchasing a home that is involved with a short sale can be a really great opportunity however be prepared to wait and wait and wait and oh, wait some more. For those home owners who simply can't afford their monthly mortgage payments anymore and are facing foreclosure, are now turnin...
Do you remember the Realtor who sold you your house? You should. It was a stressful time in your life. Don't you think you should remember the name of the person who put everything together for you and got you to the settlement table? You have your family doctor, your mechanic, your hairdresser, ...
I get a lot of calls every day from buyers who want to purchase foreclosed homes. After speaking with them for a few minutes, I realize that they really have no clue about what is really involved in purchasing a foreclosure. With so many foreclosed homes on the market today its no wonder that so ...
With all the talk about it being a buyer's market it seems the sellers are left wondering "what about me?"  After so many years of it being a seller's market, now the tables have seemed to have turned and sellers are no longer are in control which leaves so many home owners scratching their heads...
Do you need an attitude adjustment?  Chances are, that you just might.  Very recently, I have come to realize that our attitude plays a very important role in what goes on in our lives. I say very recently because I didn't exactly grow up with the most positive of role models.  Sorry Mom, Dad. Ev...
We've all heard and seen all the bad, horrible things the media has been portraying about the real estate market, "we're going to sink into another Great Depression", "the real estate bubble has finally burst." Threes no doubt that times are tough. We are in a recession and if you are unfamiliar ...
I absolutely love my iphone. I mean, what's not to love? I can do everything with just a single touch. If I need to make a call, touch, need to check my e-mail, touch, need to send e-mail, touch, need to schedule a meeting or a night out, touch. And that's not all. I can listen to all of my favor...
I thought I'd change it up for my latest blog.   Ask anyone who knows me and they will tell you that I am usually right on top of the latest and greatest tech toy or video game but for some reason, I never wanted to purchase Guitar Hero. I guess I thought that if I tried it, it would interfere wi...
When I talk with home owners who have their homes up for sale,  usually I ask them how they found their Realtor.  Did they use the Realtor in the past, was the Realtor referred to them, is the Realtor their friend or family member?  I'm shocked to hear that no, they didn't use the Realtor in the ...
    I've worked with For Sale By Owners for my entire career now. So, I wanted to blog about the dos and don't for FSBOs. There will always be For Sale By Owners but lately I've noticed many more For Sale By Owner signs popping up these days. I drive by and they are still sitting and sitting and ...

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