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Real Estate Broker/Owner - Harcourts Prestige Properties of La Jolla - DRE# 01276329
Tiffany Torgan, Realtor, has been a La Jolla Resident for 18 years. Blog comments about real estate, market conditional, and happenings in and around the La Jolla Community and the San Diego Real Estate Market in general. Business Owner of Harcourts Prestige Properties in La Jolla, CA. located at 7938 Ivanhoe Ave. Suite A La Jolla, CA. 92037 Direct Cell is (858) 504-8433 and Office is (858) 459-5478. DRE#01276329
  Places in San Diego to go and watch fireworks this weekend! See the San Diego Union Tribune article detailing all of the firework shows thoughout San Diego County. Fourth of July 2010 in San Diego - Fireworks events, displays, celebrations in San Diego County - Si San Die...
  Wednesday a local Superior Judge, Linda Quinn ruled that the annual La Jolla Cove firework show would be able to go on! This will be the 26th annual La Jolla Cove firework show and it is spectacular to see! An environmental group out of Encinitas, CA. wanted to ban the firework show because of ...
This is brought to you courtesy of Bank of America!Kevin Kauffman is joined for foregettable Friday by the always dapper, Coach Collard. We've got a little scenario to share with you today about a listing that Fred and Kevin took in November of 2008. So, a year and a half ago, Kevin and Fred took...
Here is another great post from Kevin's group...notice that B of A doesn't have a amount of months's topic revolves around a report written by Jon Prior. The article was written about the speed of short sales. Deutschbank recently ranked banks as to how quickly they complete...
Great post to get a pulse of what is going on in Short Sale land. I know a lot of homeowners here in California are almost 50% upside down, pretty scary!Fred Weaver and Kevin Kauffman, Arizona's greatest short sale team, is chatting about a recent article on the topic of strategic defaults. Appar...
Because of my being very vocal about Bank of America andhow they are treating their "customers" I am going to start posting (with the person's permission) the horror stories I have been getting every week. I took out my writer's last name and real loan number, but it is just enough to make anyon...
  Remove Really Bank of America, Really?A reason why B of A possibly isn't reducing the prinicple on underwater properties, they don't want to show the big losses? Funny how they don't have a problem with foreclosing.... I don't think all underwater home owners are out buying flat screen TV's, a ...
  I have been working on a listing in San Diego that is going to be closing on June 30th and it has been a very uplifting experience. The Clients were denied last year from a loan modification that the wife tried to get for a year, then they considered the other option which was to do a short sa...
I have been in the Florida Keys for the past week and have been taking care of my Step Father's passing and want to share some of the beautiful pictures from this part of the country. I have been coming here for years from Texas and what a colorful place! Everyone is understandably nervous here o...
Very good post!After several bad experiences, I'm questioning if this is normal, or is it just our market? First example: A buyer was using Bank of America, had a prequal.  The contract was written on a property, with a 17 day loan contingency removal. (which we knew was tight to begin with)  B o...

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La Jolla, California Resident for 18 years comments about happenings in and around the La Jolla Community and the San Diego Real Estate Market. She has been a Featured Agent on HGTV's Show "What you get for the Money" and will be on the up and coming new show "How Close Can You Beach?", and she specializes in San Diego and the various unique coastal San Diego Communities. Tiffany opened Harcourts Prestige Properties in La Jolla, CA. Harcourts is the fastest growning real estate company in the world and is based out of Australia. Harcourtsprestigeproperties.Com


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