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Blog Page When: October 28th, 2011, 9AM Where: Mansour Center, 995 Roswell St., Marietta, GA 30060‎ Who: Everyone!  Realtors, lenders, title, escrow, appraisers, inspectors, virtual assistants, home stagers and anyone else in the real estate world (or any other world -- PR,...
Most everyone I speak with says they have at least one landing page. Most every one of them really do not have a landing page - they have an entry page. In addition to only having an entry page that page is often cluttered, offers little in the way of information to directly address the visitor's...
Since December 11, 2006 I have had the pleasure of hosting the North Georgia Real Estate group on Active Rain. I confess, it has been months since I really paid gave it the attention it deserves. So let me highlight a few of the recent contributors who have featured posts in that group and tell y...
As a prospective home buyer or real estate agent it will pay you to be aware of the different credit scores and why language may matter. Over the years people have learned the term "FICO" and often use it interchangeably for "credit score". The two are not exclusively interchangeable. There have ...
Celebrate When It's Time ... Not Before Go ahead and get out your highlighter because I already know this is a hot topic. My great online friend Len Harley is pretty opinionated on this one and I'm 100% certain I have the most accurate and indisputable information on it. (That's an lol for you wh...

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