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Top Ten Reasons to deal with a local loan officer: 10. They will probably be at the closing table where you can look them in their eyes. 9. When they come to the closing table you can expect a nice little gift. 8. The fifth time they ask you for the same documentation you can "suggest" they drive...
We've waited for this one to come back ... now it's here. If you have investor clients or you are an investor who has paid cash for a property within the last six months this may be good news for you. Of course, as will all things, there are caveats and qualifications. Just a few of which are: Th...
It happens almost every day. When you work in the regional office of a major lender you hear a lot of stories. When your wife handles a large portion of the files you hear even more. I have certainly had my share of these, too, even when the buyers are instructed, warned and threatened ... it hap...
Here is some of what I do as a marketing partner. My first priority becomes actually finding qualified buyers for a particular marketing partner. While I cannot directly market specific properties I can definitely market a specific price range and area. For this I use all sorts of online advertis...
Have you ever been to a presentation where the speaker used "me" and "I" incorrectly in both speech and presentation? I have. I have even done it in times past. Do you ever slow down a second and wonder whether to use "I" or to use "me"? Here's the deal with I and me and it's really not as hard a...

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