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"I am number one on Google", she proclaimed proudly. "For which keywords are you number one?" I had to know. Of course we all know what is coming, "For my name!" Which is? "Alavedia Vaazteroves." Sure, that's a silly intro yet it does paint the picture. Unless our very fictitious Alavedia has som...
It has come to my attention that Social Media Edge has had only about 100,000 listeners because it is not widely understood what it is. When questioning a few people I trust who are not regularly listeners it was soon obvious they had no idea what the 3 year old podcast is about.  When I stared ...
Granted the chosen words do not make the classiest of titles but I may or may not have a bone to pick. In part I do but it is only from my personal experience and interaction with my clients and friends which inspired this short article. Surely I have trusted enough of the wrong people in my life...
Real estate agents want to either list or sell homes Oddly enough a few are listing or selling as much as they would like. Most of them are not coaches, gurus or guides. Many of them, however, have consulted with a professional to improve their technique and results. Ah, but that is so inconveni...

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