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Several months ago most lenders started requiring the completion of an IRA form 4506-T in every loan submission package. Not too long afterward I had an applicant in my office signing documents with a Loan Officer when the LO came into my office and said, "They do not want to sign this 4506-T." A...
Oh, you will certainly encounter brokers and even lenders who tell you they are going to do it for free but I'm confident that you are smart enough to guess there is a catch. What the catch is depends on the person making the statement. If what they mean is they will make enough commission from y...
Golfers already know - par is when you reach balance with the score on the golf course. Many golfers instead of writing down the total number of strokes record the number of strokes over or under the par. In golf par is the standard to aim for. The same applies in mortgage lending and investment ...
To quote Lenn Harley: **** WARNING: TRUTH SPOKEN HERE **** I'm not a young guy. In fact I'm beyond "middle age" unless I plan on living into my 100's. When I was a young boy - I mean 8 years old - I remember being taught by my parents to always speak the truth and not to hide anything from people...
Mortgage technology advancements in recent years have included many needed changes in various aspects including origination, underwriting, servicing, and fraud detection. Attempting to identify the greatest accimplishments can be a daunting task and best left up to people who have plenty of time ...
Right now Fannie Mae still suffers tremendously in many ways from cranial-rectal inversion. Perhaps the worst result of this condition is the hamstringing of worthy real estate investors from having more than four properties on credit. But there are alternatives. Agents I can help you add sales t...

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