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All about FHA, VA, USDA, Conventional home loans
FHA home loan presents a great financing opportunity for first-time buyers purchasing around Nashville. FHA loans still only require 3.5% for a down payment, which is great for many first time home buyers in Davidson County.  Also, the current FHA loan amount limits are very generous at $466,900 ...
There are two primary loan types available today for properties located in Virginia, conventional and government-backed. Conventional loans are those where the lender assumes all the risk for approving a loan. If a lender approves a conventional loan and the loan ultimately leads to a default and...
If you’re eligible for the VA home loan benefit and want to finance a purchase with as little cash to close as possible there really is no better option. VA loans carry very competitive rates, no monthly mortgage insurance and no down payment required. The veteran is also limited to the types of ...
Buying a first home is an exciting experience and simply shopping for a home on the internet can be a joyful experience for new buyers. But the mortgage part is not really something to get too excited for most buyers. Getting a mortgage won’t really get your heart racing with excitement, in fact,...
In today’s mortgage marketplace there are two primary categories of mortgage loans. Those two categories are conventional and government. A conventional mortgage is one where the lender assumes the risk while a government loan contains an inherent loan guarantee to the lender. Should a lender iss...
Not understanding basic mortgage financing can prove to be devastating in the long run in terms of personal finances. Home buyers should take very careful steps when dealing with a commitment that will last a good part of your lifetime. Being overly anxious to purchase a home and finally getting ...
The FHA home loan has become the primary mortgage choice for many first time homebuyers in St. Augustine. The FHA loan program offers several benefits, keeping in mind the budget constraints of most homeowners who are interested in buying their very first home. Compared to most conventional mortg...
 The average homeowner has several viable financing options when it comes to financing their first home. One of the most advantageous is the FHA home loan. The FHA mortgage loan came into being with the objective of increasing ownership by providing homeowners with a cheaper and more convenient a...
The Georgia FHA mortgage has become the first choice for the majority of first-time homebuyers in Georgia. The Georgia FHA loan program offers several benefits, keeping in mind the budget limitations of most homeowners who are interested in buying their very first home. Compared to most conventio...
The VA mortgage is a government backed home loan guaranteed by the Veterans Administration. The VA loan program provides veterans and/or their surviving spouses with a 100% guaranteed mortgages with no down payment required.  This is great for Vets looking to purchase in Escambia County as most m...


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