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The Real-Life Realtor blog was designed to give you a first hand look at what really happens behind the scenes of a real estate transaction. The blog is an extension of the Real-Life Real Estate Training program which was designed by a Realtor for Realtors. The Training program will walk you through the real estate transaction...step-by-step so you can experience the financial success and business growth you desire.
Whether you are a new agent or an experienced agent, holding open houses can be a great way to get new clients.  Buyers without agents often visit open houses not knowing the value of working with a real estate agent.  Sellers visit open houses to check out the competition and  to see how agents ...
As we enter into the warmer climates it's probably a good idea to remind real estate agents that no matter how much the temperatures may rise, you still must dress appropriately.  If you want to be considered a professional, than you must dress like one.There Will Be ExceptionsWe all have a ratio...
Real estate agents understand the value of the service they offer to both buyers and sellers.  But buyers and sellers sometimes have a difficult time understanding the value of working with an agent.  They  think they know all about the home buying and home selling process because they did their ...
Staging a property is usually a great idea. Staging helps potential buyers "see" the space.  Staging is perfect for condos and single family homes that have small, enormous or awkward spaces.  There are many real estate agents who offer staging as part of their services.  But staging is a skill.....
If you take the time to think about it, the idea of announcing to the world that you will be at an empty house for two to three hours is a little insane.  Then to welcome strangers into the house to have them look around is possibly even more insane.  But that's exactly what we do every time we h...
Although the headline reads these are tips for new real estate agents, these probably hold true for all real estate and experienced.  Here they are, in no particular order, feel free to add your own!1.  It's Not About YouAs a real estate agent you are helping your client or customer ...
In a seller's market, the seller feels as though they hold all of the cards.  They have read all of the articles about "hot" real estate markets and how receiving multiple offers is common.  As a result, when they put their house on the market they are expecting to receive more than one offer.Set...
Buyers and sellers look to their real estate agent for their expert advice.  "How much do you think my house would sell for?"  "How much should I offer on this house?"  "What items should I repair from this list of inspection items?"  "What should I do to make my offer stronger?"  These are just ...
It doesn't matter how long you have been a real estate agent or how many transactions you have each year, all real estate agents need training.  Not just your typical Continuing Education classes, but additional training.Laws and Regulations ChangeLike most things in life, the real estate industr...
Why is it that consumers...buyers and sellers alike think that it is okay for them to ask us to give them a piece of our income?  How many times do you think your dentist gets asked, "I know you charge $1200 for a root canal. How about if you cut that to $800?"  Or you go into a department store ...

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