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The Real-Life Realtor blog was designed to give you a first hand look at what really happens behind the scenes of a real estate transaction. The blog is an extension of the Real-Life Real Estate Training program which was designed by a Realtor for Realtors. The Training program will walk you through the real estate transaction...step-by-step so you can experience the financial success and business growth you desire.
I like to say being a real estate agent, we aren't saving lives, but we do have the ability to change lives.We change the lives of our clients and we can change our own lives.Very few people grow up thinking they want to become a real estate agent.  It's often a second or third career for many pe...
The home inspection contingency is one of the most common contingencies in a real estate contract.Your buyer should know going in, that their home inspector will find issues with the "house of their dreams."That doesn't mean that the house is falling down, or that this is a "sign" that they shoul...
Real Estate teams are all the rage.  Everywhere you turn real estate agents are forming a team.Before you make the move to start a team or join a team, think about how you want to run your business.The first question you need to ask is this, "Is a team right for me?"As with everything in life, th...
How could you let this happen?You clearly don't know what you're doing.How come I'm just now hearing about this?Needless to say, these are not what you want to hear when an issue arises with a real estate transaction.  Unfortunately, as agents, this is often how we speak to one another when we ar...
Why should a buyer or seller work with you?What do you bring to the table?These are fairly basic questions, yet when you ask this to a real estate agent you'll either get silence or a lot of mumbling and stumbling.The worst and most frequent response I hear is, "I've been in the business for "x" ...
What is your job as the listing agent?  The first thing that popped in your head was probably, "to get the house sold."If that's what you thought, you'd be correct.Your primary job as the listing agent is to get the house sold...period.The seller is paying you a lot of money to get their house so...
Pricing a property has gotten a lot harder.If you are working in a hot market it's difficult because appraisers are looking backwards to see what has sold and often times don't take into consideration the rapid market appreciation.If you are in a flat market, buyers could be expecting the market ...
Are you tired of struggling in your real estate business?Do you wish there was a magic wand to give you some clients?Are you looking for a short cut to success?If you answered "yes" to any of these questions, perhaps you made the wrong career choice.Quiet as it's kept, there is no secret to succe...
New Year, New YouDid you make a New Year's resolution for your real estate business?I don't like resolutions, but I know a lot of people make them.  They may not stick to them, but they make them.What I want you to think about today is your business.I review my business practices on a regular ba...
Why do you need a marketing plan?Picture this.  You have four transactions going at one time.  Business couldn't be better.A month later, those transactions have closed and now you realize you don't have anything in the pipeline.Why?Because you stopped telling people why they should work with you...

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