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The Real-Life Realtor blog was designed to give you a first hand look at what really happens behind the scenes of a real estate transaction. The blog is an extension of the Real-Life Real Estate Training program which was designed by a Realtor for Realtors. The Training program will walk you through the real estate transaction...step-by-step so you can experience the financial success and business growth you desire.
Some people are of the mindset that we should all move every 5 years.  The theory behind this thinking is that we wouldn't accumulate so much "stuff" if we had to move it from place to place on a more regular basis.  Since that's not likely to happen, how do you, as a real estate agents help your...
Buying a house is one of the largest financial decisions some people will ever make. To help minimize the stress associated with the home buying process here are a five things to remember when buying a house. Do Your Homework Real estate agent cannot tell a buyer where to live.  They base the pro...
Are you a good communicator?  You may think you are, but those you interact with may see things a little differently.  Being a good communicator means you choose your words carefully and you know the best method of communication to use in any given situation.  It is a "must have" skill for real e...
Three years ago I started posting this question on my Facebook page..."What's your good news today?" Enough Already It started out of my frustration with the news...the bad news.  It seems as though every time I listened to news or read the newspaper there was nothing but bad news.  I understand ...
Newcomers to sales are hungry for tips on how they can get their business up and running as quickly as possible.  The key to becoming a successful salesperson...prospecting. Types of Prospecting Prospecting is the life blood of the successful salesperson.   Just in case you were wondering; as a r...
The perception seems to be that being a real estate agent is an easy job...something that any one off the street can do.  Reality television shows real estate agents driving fancy cars, showing a few houses, going to settlement and leaving with a big fat check. Of course nothing could be further...
Successful real estate agents are successful for a reason.  They have a plan and work their plan.  They don't sit back and wait for business to come to them, they create business opportunities.  If you are wondering what they do to achieve a high level of success, these 7 things will definitely p...
As I was sitting at a high-end spa the other day receiving the 5 Star treatment, I wondered how many real estate agents deliver the 5 Star customer service to their clients. Treat Me Like A Rock Star! When I entered the salon I was greeted by name, they hung up my jacket and escorted me back to m...
As a listing agent you know when a home owner is looking for a way not to disclose something. The Questions We have all heard the questions... "We've lived here for 10 years and never had water in the basement until that really bad storm last year.  Do we have to disclose that?" "The fireplace ca...
How we conduct business has certainly changed in the last few years. Thanks to technology what used to be so time consuming can now be done in the blink of an eye.  Let's take a stroll down memory lane. Call Waiting Call waiting is one of my earliest memories of telephone technology. With call wa...

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