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In his book the Automatic Millionaire David Bach discusses and illustrates the compounding expense of a cappuccino on a daily basis.  As Bach points out to a young woman used in his example in the book who is struggling financially that her daily cappuccino purchases can add up to a rather large ...
Looking for a new way to create virtual tours that have a more cool, hip, vibe?  Check out   The mobile application is awesome too!
I'm doing research for an upcoming article I'm writing about Real Estate Agents and new creative technology tools.  I would love to hear what your favorite technology tool is, and how you use it as a real estate professional. Thanks in advance for your help.
It's funny, a lot of the "Geek" technology podcasts I listen to want to declare RSS as dead.  If you're unclear on what RSS is, go to CommonCraft and watch their video explaining the concept, because it makes sense to me.  I personally don't think RSS is dead, and I still use it daily to gather a...
I just concluded teaching a two-day seminar for the Council of Real Estate Brokers and Managers (CRB) - in Memphis, TN on "Performance Leadership," with a wonderful group of managers and brokers from around the U.S.  During this session it dawned on me the mind-boggling amount of responsibilities...
  I just read an outstanding blog from Kristina Pratt, (Click Here to Read) about the case of the disappearing REALTOR.  Wow, she hits it right on the head!  Several years ago I wrote a book entitled 5-Minutes to a Great Real Estate Sales Meeting, Cengage Learning which led to a full series of b...
First it was MySpace, then Facebook, now Twitter, oh don't forget Friendfeed.  Gosh, the list goes on and on.  Now welcome to Audioboo.  That's right, audioboo,  With audioboo you use your iPhone to create mini audio blogs.  It's cool, and best of all, it's "FREE!" Here's an idea...
Virtual tours have been around for quite some time for real estate professionals; however there is a tide turning on where consumers are going to locate and view these virtual tours.  Yes,, Visual Tour and others still offer a profitable solution to real estate agents, yet many consu...
Just curious what your thoughts are on how agents have had to change over the last couple of years.  I was recently posed this question from a company I do some consulting for.  Here's my response below.  Curious what you would add? From my perspective real estate agents today are finding out how...


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