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Some Home Buyers are making a purchase just because they can get $8000.  Is this a good enough reason to buy a home?  There are many benefits of home ownership and last time I checked a one-time $8000 bribe was not one of them. A while back I posted a video about the first time home buyer tax cr...
I’m happy to announce a new project that I am very fortunate to be a part of:  The Riverwalk Collection at Bown Crossing.  If you’re not familiar with Bown Crossing,  click to see the video. What is Bown Crossing? Bown Crossing is a mixed-use development in South East Boise built around the way n...
Congratulations to last weeks winner Megan O. she correctly Guessed The Place #1 as Hollywood Market! Hey Megan, the gift card is in the mail! Some people said Guess The Place #1 was easy, so this week, I thought I would try to make it a little more challenging.  Although, I’m sure that someone i...
  If you read my last article about making predictions for Boise Real Estate, you’ll remember that making predictions in real estate is risky business but I’ve gone ahead and decided to do it anyhow. My first prediction is going to be pretty conservative.   Rather than having you wait until the m...
"When will the market turn around?"  A common question these days about the current climate of real estate in Boise and, f I got paid a dime for every time I was asked that, I'd be paying cash for my $99,000 listing! The fact is, I can't predict the market, no one can.  Agents pride themselves o...
  It wasn’t long ago that the only homes for sale in Boise for under $100,000 had wheels.  Today however, this isn’t the case. After doing a very simple search for homes in Boise, I found that there are currently (as of 7/14/2009) 118 homes/condos/town homes available for $100k or less! Full Deta...
  Just last week, someone asked the question, “How much have housing prices dropped in the [Boise] area?”  The context of the question was mostly with regard to the housing boom time frame which began in or around 2004. I thought I would share my answer since it took me some time to dig up the Mu...
  If you’re planning on celebrating the 4th of July in the Boise area this year, you really ought to get out to see some of the Firework shows happening across the valley.  Of course you can’t see them all, but I’ve compiled a list of times and places where you can not only see the fireworks disp...
  I’d like to invite you out to the Eagle Chamber of Commerce: Open For Business Citywide Open House!  Its happening this Saturday from 10am until 5pm. The Eagle Open For Business is a grass roots effort to help stimulate economic activity in the Eagle, Idaho community, there will be many busines...
A tomato can be either wonderful or, it can be like eating a mouthful of Kleenex.  Blame it on the advent of refrigeration and the supermarket.  On cold winter days however, being able to go the store to get a load of seemingly fresh veggies is great, but it wasn't always that like that;  If you...

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