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Westhaven is a "sister" community to Tucker Hill in McKinney, TX. very impressive as the picture reveals.Westhaven Real Estate Sales in September - Sales of homes in Westhaven in the month of September were a consistent and steady with 5 closings, compared to just 4 in August. The average price o...
North Texas offers unique challenges for gardeners and landscapers. We sometimes have winters that rival those of many states much farther north. We often have summers that rival those of New Mexico or Arizona. I also have struggled recently with landscaping because of the limited rainfall we hav...
North Texas real estate is still hanging in there. The Case-Schiller data was just released. Dallas still looks like the place to be. See the full story here: Word must be getting out. I am seeing a lot of license plates on the streets from the troubled states especiall...
 The mortgage insurance provider, PMI Group, has released a study assessing the risk of substantial, lasting declines in residential real estate values in various markets around the country. The good news for the Dallas-Ft. Worth metroplex is that the area has only a 2.5% risk of housing prices b...
Everyone who is bemoaning the fact that 100% financing has vanished will be glad to hear about this. There is 100%government financing available. It just depends on where you want to live. In an effort to spur rural development the federal government is making loans available in selected communit...
I have a client who had a loan on their current home of $193,000 financed three years ago. Sold their house in 7 days. Found a new home for $262,000. Loan amount $252,000. Interest rate 4.75%. Result is their monthly payment went DOWN by almost $200 per month. They have a new home and one that be...
A lot of people are not doing well around the country. I feel for them. Our problems in McKinney, Texas are far smaller that those being experienced by most of you. Business, however, is beginning to pick up. Buyers are getting the word that they may not ever see interest rates or prices lower th...
Most of us won't comprehend this the first time we see it. I began working in electronics when most equipment was powered by vacuum tubes. I worked with my first computer in 1970. This video was shown to Sony executives last year. Well worth the time.
McKinney's current square is the home to Landon's Winery. This marks quite a change considering that in 1987 when we moved here you couldn't buy wine in the local grocery or convenience store. Today wine is available locally and is actually made at Landon's and has won awards in tasting competiti...
Inflation may be our economic savior. Inflation is coming. After years of the FED fighting it we may fall into its arms and welcome it. Everything being done to save us from economic collapse is pointing in that direction. All the bailout money, bank purchases, tax rebates, second half of the TAR...

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