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  There could hardly be a soul living on this planet who hasn’t heard of Facebook and I challenge you to hunt down someone in your friend circle who doesn’t have an FB profile. It will take some searching, I can tell you that, especially since we are all living in times where picking up the phone...
    Don’t you absolutely hate when your flight is delayed and you are required to spend time in the airport lounge. Within a couple of hours when the hard seat starts giving you a cramp in the butt and the old lady snoring next to you incites all but murderous intentions in your mind you would wi...
In times when the words ‘energy crisis’ and ‘global warming’ are being talked about and debated upon freely, many a conscientious people are pondering over their role in upsetting the delicate balance of the ecosystem. While there are those that shrug their shoulders in resignation at the downhi...
Academy Award winning Nicolas Cage seems to have the same kind of luck with real estate as he’s had with some of the movies that have been released lately – miserable! He’s made about just as many bad investments as it is possible for any one man to make on this planet, and then topped that off ...
  Odd are the ways of many cultures of the world and we know that; but, how odd really? If you want a real concept of how far people are willing to stretch the idea of what is normal, read on. Free Sex Custom of an Indian Tribe The Deer Horn Muria are a little known tribe who dwell in the remote ...

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