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Miami, FL -  If you are a realtor you are likely familiar with “ABC”, Always Be Closing, and if you work hard enough and are lucky enough, you are able to close often. Being a realtor has lots of perks and one of them is to be self-employed, if you follow these 4 simple rules, you can assure to k...
Our office is in Miami, FL and if you live here you are lucky enough live in the Fraud Capital of the United States, according to the Federal Trade Commission Data Book, and fraud on any part of the government is one of the favorites from Medicare to the IRS. Fraudulent Tax Prepares have been tak...
Cuando los contribuyentes llegan inicialmente a nuestra oficina en Miami, FL para recibir asistencia para resolver su problema de impuestos del IRS, el primer paso en la agenda es ponerlos al día.  La División de Recaudación del IRS se adhiere a una regla muy importante: no hay acuerdo sin cumpli...

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