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Useful information based on and around the credit scoring model.
As too many of us have seen first hand ,it is next to impossible to get your credit report corrected.  These reports can ruin lives but the credit bureaus do not seem to care if what they report is correct or not even when proof is sent to them.  Hopefully there is help on the way. The Consumer ...
Director of Marketing for the consumer voted #1 credit restoration company in Texas ( - 2010,11,12). 100% 5 Star reviews (Google, Yahoo, Bing, Etc.) Nominated for the small business of the year award (SBA - Loan Star College System), Repeat recipients of the Houston Award for custo...
    Keeping the pipeline full – the ABC’s of prospecting     With the busyness that the tax deadline has created, it’s all too easy to forget to keep working the prospecting process and keep that business funnel full.  Apparently human nature seems to dictate that you wait until the last minute t...
Are you or your clients getting harassing phone calls? Do you need to make them stop? There are a number of important things to know when dealing with a debt collector.  Some points deserve more conversation but for the sake of brevity, I'm going to write specifically to the point of getting the ...
Vacating a Judgment - Attempting to Remove a Judgment Has a creditor or collection agency filed a judgment against you or someone you know? If they have, then there’s a possibility that you can get it dropped or "vacated." In essence vacating a judgment is the equivalent of writing a big red "VOI...
Credit Tips - Quick ways to improve your scores Hey everyone, here's a short list of Credit Tips that will go a LONG way in helping you improve your scores.  Over time, we will discuss each point in depth for a fuller understanding of why it's relavent.  You can use this list as a quick reference...

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