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Check out this great blog post written by a home inspector answering everything you need to know about painting (or repainting) your house for it to be "market ready."One thing home inspectors see a lot of is unprofessional or poorly-applied paint. There are many kinds of paints and each has its ...
This blog post offers extremely useful tips for anyone interested in Fannie Mae Short Sales...enjoy! --Bob Caldwell, Mortgage Banker, VA Loan Specialist and Military Relocation Services.5 Fun Facts About Fannie Mae Short Sales Is there anything fun about short sales? Well probably not a lot. But ...
From the Desk of Bob Caldwell Need a last-minute mortgage banker this memorial day weekend? Look no further! Most people are spending this weekend at the beach or at a local pool--instead, I'm here trying to finalize loans with my clients. This is not of of necessity but out of choice. I want to ...
Do you make use of DocuSiign?  I recently began using it and love it.  You are able to use a device such as an iPad (there are other ways as well) to sign documents and collect invoices.  Furthermore it is extremely secure and is encrypted. This article--straight from DocuSign--announces that Fre...
Summer is around the corner, and as the tempature rises, "busy-season" for the housing industry is well underway.  This is an excellent blog post, full of tips for those trying to sell their home this spring or summer.I thought this topic was a great candidate to be featured in my print library. ...
From the Desk of Bob Caldwell Recently I’ve discovered two iPad apps that most people in our industry will find useful:  ShowYou and HomeSnap. Think of ShowYou as Instagram for video.  It allows for easy, if menial, video tweaking (by comparison, iMovie, which is Apple’s consumer version of the p...
Google Knowledge Graph, Project Glass, Self-Driving Cars, Siri, Watson and the future of “Post-PC” computing. I’ve written previously about Google’s frequent updates to their search algorithm and how that can affect your visibility from a Google search. Last week, Google released an updated algor...
Facebook, Twtiiter, and nearly every other social media service has had high quality iPad apps for a while.  But Linked'In has always been mysteriously absent.  Today Linked'In announced their ofdical iPad app.  It is a very high quality which I recommend for Linked'In and iPad users.
Are you confused by the new Facebook Timeline user interface?  This blog entails how to let an administrator take control of your Facebook page to save you from the lagoon of confusion that comes with Facebook's new layout.The question comes up time to time.  There’s actually three different ways...
For those utilizing photography (and, by extension, services like Instagram and Pinterest) for their business, here are some extremely helpful tips on perfecting your craft for real estate.There are several steps I take to prepare for successful real estate photography; some well before the photo...

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