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It can be a very exciting time as a Seller in College Station when you get your first offer from someone wanting to buy your property. You have finally found someone who, you hope, likes the home as much as you did.  More importantly, if everything works out like it should, roughly 30 or so days ...
The biggest advantage of renting a home versus owning one in College Station is that, as a tenant, you are not responsible for fixing something if it breaks. Since it is not your property and thus not your responsibility, you have virtually no home maintenance or updating costs. A home owner must...
 In my world, a pet is a member of the family.  I have had several clients and friends in College Station who have lost their pet in the last month due to prolonged illness.  My sympathies go out to anyone who has lost their beloved pet.  My very own little girl, Tigger Lily, lost her battle wit...
Last month, local homebuilders in the Bryan, College Station area worked with Habitat for Humanity to build 7 Houses for 7 families in 7 Days. The event, known as the Home Builder's Blitz, allows families to move from poor living conditions into a brand new home. The home building began the last ...
Nearly all of my clients are wonderful. Each comes with their own list of search criteria, personal preferences, quirks and likes & dislikes. And with every client that walks through my door, comes a story and an adventure. Currently two of my clients, I'll call them Jack and Jill to protect the ...
The first one to tell me where this is gets a special prize! Hint: This Square has been in the same location for quite some time now, but when I drove by this afternoon it was gone! Place your guess under the where am I post at www.thecenturytreereader.com
I keep hearing about Twitter. I went to the site and it looks interesting, but I am just not sure I understand the point of it! I love blogging, so if anyone could explain the point of twitter to me, I would really appreciate it! Do I just have to join to "get it"?? Thanks!
Buying a home in Bryan, College Station is a fun and exciting process.  If you are prepared, and have the right professional helping you, it will also be low stress.  A home is the place where you can be yourself, showcase your personality, and spend much of your time for the next several years. ...
When you place your home for sale in Bryan-College Station, you will need to decide if you will be offering any incentives for the sale of the home. There are basically two types of incentives; Buyer incentives and Realtor incentives. A Buyer incentive is an extra "perk" for the Buyer.  It is som...
A hardship letter is just one of many documents that would be required by the lender when beginning the short sale process. The point of the hardship letter is for the Seller to notify their lending institution of why they can no longer make payments on their property.  There are many reasons why...

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