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Look no further than Paul Slaybaugh with Realty Executives for Scottsdale AZ Real Estate! Whether it is local information, Scottsdale Real Estate news, anecdotes, humor, or just a good read you are after, you'll find at least some of that here. See Scottsdale through the eyes of a native son!
You know who you are.  The good little boy scout who hid bottled water around the house and converted your kid's old Spiderman backpack into an emergency survival kit as the clock counted down the zeros and ones to a binary holocaust.  And while the Y2K panic has been relegated to the laughable c...
Appraisal.  The word alone is enough to send shivers up the spines of Real Estate agents, mortgage brokers, home buyers & sellers alike.  If you haven’t heard of the recent difficulties in this murky aspect of a home purchase, you just haven’t been paying attention.  Hands tied by draconian new(e...
  My business partner is older than dirt.    Seriously, he's so old that Metamucil takes him in the morning. He's so old that when he takes his grandchildren on his knee and speaks of "The Great War," he is referring to The Crusades. He's so old that it takes 4 hours for his life to flash before ...
In many respects, the heralded Real Estate bargains to be had in Scottsdale and the greater Phoenix area should come with the disclosures that attend weight-loss product testimonials.   “Joe Homebuyer’s results not typical.” “Always consult a physician before launching an intensive home search pr...
Classic risk aversion for the liability-phobic mandates that an agent make no actual referral to an auxiliary service provider in the course of a Real Estate transaction.  Need a lender?  Here are the names of three professionals.  Need a home inspector?  Sift through this stack of business cards...
What is it about the rain that brings the mischievous out to play?  Real Estate sales is the type of racket that leads one to bump bellies with all manner of folk.  Over my years in the industry to date, you might say I’ve been sheltered.  For all of the horror stories that float about a brokerag...
It’s a daunting task.  Settled in around the bargaining table, you see nothing but pros, chips stacked to the ceiling.  Looking down at your comparatively meager stack, you’re tired of getting bullied out of hands.  Offer after offer you submit, only to fold under the check-raises from predators ...
Investor.  The word alone inspires a host of reactions that run the full gamut between antipathy and, well, slightly lesser antipathy, depending on the audience.  Image From the Hubbel Telescope of Investors Invading Local Real Estate Market   As any semi-interested news watcher and industry blog...
We are all busy. Whether the responsibilities that overwhelm us are professional, personal or, most commonly, a combination of the two, who hasn’t lamented the lack of a clone for accomplishing the myriad tasks that 21st century living heaps upon us?  There are certainly days when I’d give my ey...
You have something to say, some timely tidbit to impart, but don’t relish the specter of an ensuing dialogue.  You’re not interested in the entanglements of conversation, what with the awkward pauses, opinions other than your own and … gulp … small talk.    Too much commitment.  What you want is ...

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See Scottsdale through the eyes of a native son!

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