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Look no further than Paul Slaybaugh with Realty Executives for Scottsdale AZ Real Estate! Whether it is local information, Scottsdale Real Estate news, anecdotes, humor, or just a good read you are after, you'll find at least some of that here. See Scottsdale through the eyes of a native son!
Predicting the future has become so passe that we now like to predict the past.  Visiting the funhouse of colossal gaffes gone wild might even be worthwhile were it not for the egocentric nature of such excursions.  The one doing the recollecting and post-mortem whistle-blowing typically prescrib...
I sell McCormick Ranch Real Estate. Shocking, I know, to many long-term readers of this forum.  However, it has been quite some time since I last directed the focus of this blog to my first housing love.  Not one to take my significant other for granted, it is far past time I renewed my vows. I h...
  On the Island of Oncewas, there lived but one scamp. One strangely stoic, scoundrelous scamp. There used to be more, there used to be four. There used to be four and eight thousand four more on this shore. So many scamps scamping are hard to ignore.   But there was no need for eight thousand an...
  Scottsdale Real Estate statistics for May 2010 are now available at the Scottsdale Property Shop!  View the broad overviews for the greater Phoenix area, or drill all the way down to the Scottsdale zip code of your choice for month to month comparisons of total inventory, active listings, sold ...
The collection of hats in a Real Estate agent’s closet grows at an exponential rate.  We alternately don the garb of property evaluator, pitchman, marketing rep, receptionist / showing coordinator, contract prep specialist, home inspection consultant, appraisal jouster, loan oversight committee (...
Hi there.  Name’s Paul.  Grandpa used to call me “PDS” (Pretty Darn Snappy), but Paul does just fine for most everyone else.  I'm a Realtor here in Scottsdale, Arizona.  Called this patch of American earth home for the past three and a half decades, I have.  All my life, matter of fact, if you’re...
A well-heeled businessman strode into the foyer of a nondescript office building. Tossing a nod at the exiting secretary who held the door, he failed to suppress the knowing grin that tugged at the corners of his mouth. A quick appraisal of the surroundings threatened to dampen his buoyant mood, ...
While the Active Rain membership lost its collective mind over the span of a week, I wonder to what use the disenfranchised masses put the spare time?  Judging by the torrent of bloggers flowing past me to the nearest ledge on the various social networks (Facebook was a particularly amusing place...
  Are you watching the latest disastrous updates from the Gulf oil spill and wondering what you can do to help?  From Lisa Heindel, my good friend in New Orleans, comes the timely answer below.  Whether you are native to the region and in a position to volunteer, or like me, stuck in a desert mil...
GENTLEMEN, START YOUR ENGINES!Are they good and fired up?Great, now turn them off.As one knocks around the internet here in late April of 2010, he or she cannot go two clicks without encountering manic encouragement to purchase a home “BEFORE IT’S TOO LATE,” or proclamations that “TIME IS RUNNING...

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See Scottsdale through the eyes of a native son!

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