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Look no further than Paul Slaybaugh with Realty Executives for Scottsdale AZ Real Estate! Whether it is local information, Scottsdale Real Estate news, anecdotes, humor, or just a good read you are after, you'll find at least some of that here. See Scottsdale through the eyes of a native son!
Unless you are the Scottsdale home buyer who is like the one dentist out of ten who does not prefer an Oral B toothbrush, odds are you have at least a passing interest in the Scottsdale foreclosure home market. While your best bet to stay on top of inventory is to work with a top notch Scottsdale...
Is that home really for sale? It sure looks like it is. There’s a  sign in the yard, property information on the internet, an asking price and everything. The comings and goings of Real Estatey type people with wide eyed gawkers in tow confirms that the quaint Spanish hacienda is looking for a n...
Is it time for an MLS database of active buyers? I ponder this on the heels of difficulties in locating quality resale homes amidst the bank owned rubble of today's market. We have long been beholden to the seller in the Real Estate hierarchy as a home listing sets all subsequent wheels in motion...
  “Sign here, please. And here. Initial here, please. Date. Super, I’ll email this to the listing agent, and we should get an answer within three to five business days.” There is no arguing that the inexorable march of technology has merged with the increasingly corporate backdrop of the Real Est...
It has been quite some time since I revisited the Scottsdale Foreclosure Value of the Day series that I launched in 2009. More aptly titled the Scottsdale Foreclosure Value of the Fortnight, or Leap Year, I aim to chase away the dust bunnies and rededicate myself to the format.  It may not be dai...
We REALTORS are a narcissistic bunch.  A revelation, I know.  From the bus stop advertising that depicts an attentive agent fielding calls on a pink cell phone to the glamor shot of an agent with his toy poodles on a "For Sale" sign in front of an overshadowed house, the marketing realm is litter...
A blog is a negotiation. From the agreeable dispensation of non-threatening content which the audience will accept at face value, to the unapologetic delivery of overwrought, editorial hyperbole that is received with abject horror, the post itself represents but an initial listing.  In the case o...
Thanks, but no thanks.  Therein lie my in-depth sentiments regarding buyer agent bonus compensation. It’s a tricky business, this whole trust-building endeavor.  From the initial consultation with a prospective client, to the signing of the closing documents and all stops in between, a certain r...
There are dragons lurking in the dark recesses of your property listing.  Mean dragons. Mean, scaly, green dragons that might rise up out of their fiery lairs and go all Godzilla on your potential showings if left unchecked. And by what name, pray tell, are these marauding reptiles known? “REALT...
  I have seen my share of thumbs down houses over the years.  It’s a sad truth, but for every summer blockbuster, there is a Real Estate Gigli.  Properties that look so promising in the MLS trailer fall flat despite the star-studded cast.  Granite counter tops, stainless steel appliances, new car...

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See Scottsdale through the eyes of a native son!

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