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Look no further than Paul Slaybaugh with Realty Executives for Scottsdale AZ Real Estate! Whether it is local information, Scottsdale Real Estate news, anecdotes, humor, or just a good read you are after, you'll find at least some of that here. See Scottsdale through the eyes of a native son!
Not only is failure always an option, it is often the best one.  Weightlifters will tell you that taking sets to failure, that point where you can no longer perform additional repetitions with good form due to muscular fatigue, is the path to increased strength and growth. Shrewd businessmen will...
If you are like many potential home sellers I have spoken with over the past several months, you are leery of putting your home on the open market.  The crush of competition, the dirth of qualified buyers ... the constant state of panic that your home won't be in absolutely show ready condition w...
*Reduced (1/14)!!!* Unbelievable value in McCormick Ranch!  Ideally suited for seasonal residents or anyone looking for hassle-free living, Heritage Village patio homes combine the privacy of single-family homes with low maintenance living.  Enjoy your own private patio while allowing the HOA to ...
You want to buy a bank-owned property.  Your friends, family, mailman, dental hygienist ... even your Realtor have told you that the foreclosure market is where you pan for gold in this market.  Lo and behold, the hygienist might actually be right this time (bummer about that last hot stock tip, ...
Dios Mio and Holy Guacamole!  The Scottsdale Foreclosure Value of the Week ... is in ... well ... Phoenix.  So I am violating the rules of my own construct, sue me.  When I tell you about this week's obscene value in the Valley of the Sun, you'll understand why I am willing to commute.   I spent ...
Let’s face it, if you are in the market to buy or sell a home as we approach 2009, you are either the hunter or the hunted.  You are in financial disarray or you are seeking to exploit the struggles of another.  I say this without judgment.  A transaction which involves the antithetical goals of ...
In last week's adventures of Growth Leader Boy, discussion in the comment stream about the new product from Market Leader steered into the realm of traffic source. There was some question as to whether the traffic to the agent's site was the result of organic searches versus paid advertisement. I...
It’s hard to imagine improving upon the kids and ice cream concept.  You say, “Want to go get ice cream?”  They say, “ICE CREAM!”  You take that as a yes, drive them to the local parlor and there is much rejoicing. Looking for that elusive next level of frozen fun, however, we stumbled across Yog...
Looking for that no-expense-spared remodeled home in a central location near the border of Scottsdale and Phoenix?  Look no further than this Arcadia area gem!  Tucked away in a charmingly secluded neighborhood, this modern home is done a tremendous disservice when simply called a "remodel."  A n...
Put that down!  That's nacho cheese! Well, in this case, I suppose it is yours.  In this economy, who isn't interested in holding on to as much of their cheese as possible?  As such, many Scottsdale home shoppers are passing on the pricier properties and heading straight to the bank-owned aisle. ...

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See Scottsdale through the eyes of a native son!

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