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Look no further than Paul Slaybaugh with Realty Executives for Scottsdale AZ Real Estate! Whether it is local information, Scottsdale Real Estate news, anecdotes, humor, or just a good read you are after, you'll find at least some of that here. See Scottsdale through the eyes of a native son!
  It is an inevitable starting point for many buyers right now.  Before I can finish saying hello, I am bombarded with requests to see bank-owned and short sale housing.  Frankly, were we to change places, I would most likely do the very same.  I am aware enough of the opportunities this market h...
Holy mountain views!  Unless you are brand new to the area or have been living under a rock for the past decade and a half, you are most likely familiar with the planned community of McDowell Mountain Ranch in North Scottsdale.  Nestled at the base of the aforementioned McDowell Mountains, this t...
Preston Hills is a two phase custom home subdivision of North Scottsdale renowned for its beautiful architecture, large homes and generous lots at a more palatable price point than many neighboring subdivisions of similar caliber.  Located along the Shea corridor near 104th St, the neighborhood i...
  “Boards don’t hit back.”  Accompanied by a wagging finger and evident disdain, Bruce Lee’s classic line from Enter the Dragon is as prescient today as it was when originally uttered before his celluloid tangle with a showboating opponent. The admonition was not mere gamesmanship, but a sweeping...
Appraisals are typically regarded as the most accurate measure of a home's value, and for good reason.  Licensed to perform one task and one task only, appraisers see and evaluate property all day, every day.  While some of us more egocentric Realtors feel that we put more time and effort into ou...
Shh!  Can you hear that?  It's the sound of hollow vault doors being slammed shut and masking tape being drawn to piece together shattered family piggy banks.  Smashing the pink porcelain piglet in cases of emergency is the easy part.  It's putting the starved omnivorous swine back together that ...
Still kinda sucks.  Check back in a week.
Surveying Scottsdale and the greater valley beyond, I was struck by the absolute lack of desperation in the vista.  I don't know exactly what I was expecting, but the serenity of the open desert, whose tide washed through the sea of rooftops, wasn't it.  I was braced for a visual manifestation of...
Now that the incredible value that was our McCormick Ranch patio home listing has migrated north (sold to an opportunistic snowbird), we still have three great McCormick Ranch listings for your perusal.  Each is offered with a painstaking appreciation for current market conditions. First, we have...
In these troubled times, we Americans need to remember that a penny saved is a penny earned.  Not only are a fool and his money quickly separated, but a bird in hand is worth two in the bush leagues.  When push comes to shove, remember to raise your spirits by lifting with your legs.  We don't ne...

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See Scottsdale through the eyes of a native son!

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