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Stop and consider how powerful this little virus invader is because it says so not because we say so. The balance of life on this planet is constantly in shift and check and has been doing this for billions of years. Countless life-forms have come and gone some visible others invisible having the...
Let's keep this simple so that we can spend more time in where this example will take us. Socialism is where the government controls it all. This last sentence probably triggered an instant reaction in you when you read it. Why? Would you like being told on the list below? Read on for more inner ...
Politicians who run for public office always have the words but not the music. They know what people want to hear and they oblige and that system is the current one. What follows is the same old rehashing and lack of results but one thing goes on. They get well-paid, perks, health insurance as we...
Today and from this point on not only will we address our personal standards of cleanliness in all our surroundings but also the standards of others too. When we interact with people now we will be very aware of them as they are of us. What are the "tell-tale" signs of those observations? What st...
Let me start out by saying that this corona-virus is using the normal transmission highways known to us i.e. by air-travel and touch-travel. It bears repeating that the flu and the cold as been traveling on these freeways for centuries. Furthermore this virus has so much in common with flu and co...
You have hear it said that once you lose something you realize the value of it thus making you appreciate it more. Loss affects each one of us differently but the dynamic called "recovery" is no myth. We will and do go on with ourselves with or without the loss perhaps better for it and worst cas...
 I have had a chance to reflect, ponder and consider several points of view that are taking place, will take place and will cease to take place at all and reduced them to some points to ponder. These are discussion points even though they come across as affirmations and "this is it" type dynamics...
I have preached what I am about to share for years and some believe it prudent and entertaining others cute and not a problem yet here it is for you NOW to assess. Remember the game musical chairs where they take lets say 10 chairs facing in alternating directions, 12 people and music? The instru...
Attorney Joshua D. Naggar in an interview explaining in easy to understand language (my favorite) about the government grants available as well as short term loan programs. These are amazing times that are summoning historic responses and opportunities to bridge and advance anyone in need of assi...
SBA - Disaster Loan Assistance  Real Estate agents now qualify for this at least in California. Click on link and it takes you to a five page-qualifier of checking off answers and supplying some data. At the end of the application process, they ask you outright if you need an advance of $10,000.0...

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