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Cedar Park homes, Leander homes, Round Rock homes and Austin homes. This blog is all about the lifestyle, growth and homes in Central Texas. Ranee Bray specializes in North Austin, and "North of Austin" suburbs.
Whether you rent or own your home a water bill is a large monthly expense. What can you do if you see a sudden increase in your bill?  Or, simply feel that your bill is larger than expected.  There are many reasons why water usage can be higher than necessary. The first question should be, "Have ...
Depending on where you live you may have different expectations for proximity of the public schools to your home.  If you live in a rural community a drive to school is the norm.  Inner city habitants expect walking distance to schools.  Suburban communities have the most variable distances in my...
This Saturday, December 6th, will be the 2nd annual Snow Spectacular, benefitting the Battle For A Cure Foundation.  Hosted in the neighborhood of Twin Creeks, 3201 Twin Creeks Club Drive, Cedar Park, Texas.     The event runs from 4 to 8 pm.  This fundraiser helps children fighting cancer and th...
Tonight as my husband and I were driving home from Lowes we were admiring the neighborhood holiday lights installed today. We spent a few hours this afternoon making our backyard oak tree's shine with mini white lights, the columns of our home twinkle and deciding how to incorporate the large col...
I hope everyone has a safe and happy Thanksgiving this week.  The sun is shining and it will be 64 tomorrow and 70 on Friday.  Perfect weather for hiking before the big feast!  I am not a Black Friday shopper.  Friday for me is Christmas decorating day.  There is nothing more festive than 48 hour...
Radio shows, newspapers, even national news are all touting the hot Austin real estate market.  There is no doubt the market here is a seller's market and has been running strong.   But as Realtors, we all know that the word "local" is of great importance in real estate.  Local meaning not just ...
Austin has been patiently waiting and is ready for the superfast speed of Google Fiber. Google claims speeds will be 100 times faster than the average broadband speed we are used to. While they have been delayed, signups are expected to start in December, starting with South and Southeast Austin....
Austin’s popular food truck scene has been pushed around a bit with the real estate in downtown Austin at an all-time high premium.  With condos, apartment communities and high rises going up seemingly overnight, there isn’t much affordable, empty space left for these foodies to call home.  The d...
Last night I was watching TV and saw a commercial.  The add really made me quite frustrated.  A family is having a hard time finding open houses, but then once they downloaded the app they found an open house, found their dream home, and all was good with their world.  The...
Do you really understand the impact your lot selection will have on your homes value? While that busy road, apartment complex or grocery store may not bother you, you would be surprised at how many buyers it really turns off. The reasons may even surprise you. Yesterday I showed a home that backe...

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North of Austin Homes
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