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                                                                     In a recent blog post I discussed the volume of spam I receive every day: An Internet Thanksgiving Gift When responding to a comment it hit me.  Too many folks out there do not seem to know basic etiquette when it comes to sendi...
I am thankful for the same things as most everyone else, family friends, etc. This morning I logged on to the computer to check e-mail and found something new to be thankful for.  Instead of the usual 100-200 spam messages in the In-Box and junk-folder there were less than 12.  Even the spammers ...
I was speaking to a real estate agent from another state and he was venting about his experience dealing with a short sale.  After 6 months in escrow and next to action from the lender he is told that the loss mitigation guy who was working the file had 3800 files to work.  Let me say that again ...
                                    Last year at the NAR Convention I decided that I would attend NAR in Orlando only if I was having a good business year.  The first half of this year started at a strong pace, my best year yet.  It was decided at that point.  I'm going to Disney World!  Well Orl...
While traveling on the mainland I started to see problems having problems on my laptop computer with Microsoft Word 2007TM.  At first I had trouble opening attachments on e-mail and then It began to freeze up. The final phase was that I could open a document, but could not edit it in any way.  Af...
I am 2/3s of the way to Orlando and having a great adventure.  Monday evening I flew from Honolulu, had a early morning stopover in Dallas and arrived in Springfield, MO late Tuesday morning. My older brother Russ Prothero, a REALTOR® in Branson met me at the airport.  He had his suitcase, snacks...
With all of the folks in financial trouble and the numbers of home owners upside down (owe more on their mortgage can they can sell the home for), a new industry and many new scams are popping up. Mortgage modification, renegotiation or restructuring is the new buzz.  Franchises are being sold, s...
When the market was hot, it seemed like people were crawling out of the woodwork to become real estate agents and loan officers.  They had little to no training and no experience, yet they had a license.  The market was hot, everyone was making money and it seemed like clients were willing to for...
During the hot real estate market a few years ago banks, federal government and people committing fraud caused property values to artificially jump.  Today the same banks and the same government are causing the those property values to drop all over the country.  I spoke about how lenders are cau...
Lenders are a major cause of property values dropping in many communities.  I am not going to argue about their lending practices and the volume bad loans they issued.  I think that is a given. The incompetent way lenders have dealt with these bad loans is causing the problem to escalate in commu...

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