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Brad Kimmelman and I are the Ridgefield Experts.  Together, we offer real estate buyers and sellers the most experience and knowledge of Ridgefield, CT.  We have assisted innumerable families, couples and singles with  their transition between homes.Happily living in Ridgefield for so many years,...
15 Charter Oak Court (www.15CharterOakCourt.com)I just put this house on the market and if it looks familiar, that's because it's my own home.  It was time for a change and my family and I decided to move (wer're staying in Ridgefield) less than a mile up the road.  After nearly 10 years, we just...
Hey, quick, answer this question: What's a FICO?If you can't answer this question then you haven't checked your credit rating lately.  If your thinking of buying a new house, you need to be thinking about your FICO score.  Even if you're buying a year or 2 down the road.Your FICO score is an indu...
It's no wonder that Ridgefield and Redding continue to offer home buyers some of the best values in Connecticut real estate.  Being "number 1" is good in most everything and real estate is no different.Every year Connecticut Magazine runs its "Number 1 Town" survey and for 2007 Ridgefield and Red...
While all this sub-prime mortgage mess works itself out, bankrate.com ran a poll about homeowner;s existing mortgages.  When 1004 adults were asked what type of loan they had, an amazing 34% had no idea!  Fixed rate, ARM, ...  how could you not know.  Granted, there are many more variations on a ...
Here's a great video showing how to get your home ready to sell.  It also gives terrific insight into buyer emotions and how to appeal to them.  Don';t miss this one if you're selling your home anytime soon.Part I Part IIAs always, the Ridgefield Experts are available to serve your real estate ne...

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