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As the real estate industry continuously incorporates more advanced technology in marketing properties, it has taken a massive step towards creating a high-end viewing experience for prospective clients. This is made possible through Matterport, a three-dimensional camera system that allows the c...
Nobody escapes a pandemic. Economies shrink. Unemployment rate surges. Mode of work changes. The global environment altered in the wink of an eye. COVID-19 transformed how you sell your home. While most sectors are paralyzed because of total lockdowns, there are still some businesses which are un...
With many breakthroughs in technology, the world of real estate photography has developed trends in using advanced equipment and techniques that enhance photos, helping to attract more potential buyers and secure the sale of properties faster than ever. One of the existing trends in real estate p...
The Coronavirus or COVID-19 global pandemic has been overwhelming the whole world, with the challenge for every country’s health care system, dropping of stocks, temporary closure of businesses, rising unemployment, and millions of people all over the world mandated to stay at home. Given the ris...
Over the past five years, the emergence of mobile-based apps has skyrocketed. Many real estate enthusiasts discovered that taking photos and videos can be an excellent road to engage with others online. Because we get busier day after day, using different apps has made our lives easier. People on...
Images Credit to Phixer – Professional Real Estate Photo EditorPicture editing is one ordinary task when it comes to picture processing. Having knowledge in this field guarantees profits. It can also help firms for real estate companies sell their properties. Photo editing can help increase the a...
Drones have driven photography to a new level. Many real estate agents have turned to aerial photography using this cutting-edge technology. They have changed real estate marketing. Drone photography has also positioned itself as a vital part in real estate marketing and is one of the most import...
If you’re that person involved in the real estate photography business then you are probably searching for the best lightweight but high-performance laptop for your image enhancement jobs. When you are engaged in field inspections, property visits, and real estate photo shoots, portability and ba...
Choosing the right camera definitely makes a big difference for a real estate photography business. Capturing high-quality, first-class photo is very important to real estate agents because they know that it’s the key to attract potential buyers. Having the best camera for the business can be ver...
Photo editing is an integral part of photography. Editing works can either bring your life to the fullest or, in a sad note, ruin your photos. You can take your pick. But don’t get nervous because we’ve got you covered! We know that photography today is a highly competitive market. Digital techno...

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