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  You've probably heard a lot about the $8,000 tax credit for first-time homebuyers. But did you know the $8,000 tax credit is about to end? The first article below provides details about the tax credit that you need to know. Another opportunity you don't want to miss is a low interest rate. Inte...
  Joe FarroCertified Mortgage PlannerPhone: (678)289-6600Fax: (678)289-6601  jfarro@joefarro.com www.joefarro.com Everyone Wants a Lower Price, But What About the Impact of Interest Rates? When shopping for a home, the natural tendency of any buyer is to want to pay the lowest price possible. It'...
  In March we sent out an appeal message for homeowners to take action early on county property assessments.  Hopefully you filed and have good news.  But I am afraid for most of us this is not the case.  Having just received my 2009 assessment I am confused as my home value according to the coun...
  On Monday, May 11th, Gov. Sonny Perdue signed into law HB 261 a tax credit from the state.  Some highlights of HB261        - $1,800 or 1.2% of the purchase price spread over 3years(1/3 each year)        - For purchases between June 1 and November 30 2009        - Do not have to be a first time...
  Joe FarroCertified Mortgage PlannerPhone: (678)289-6600(800)613-0650Fax: (678)289-6601jfarro@joefarro.comwww.premiercapitalmortgage.com   Property TaxesIn this economy it is more important than ever to be informed about how we can save money. In Henry County Georgia, recently there was a town h...
  Joe Farro Certified Mortgage PlannerPhone: (678)289-6600(800)613-0650Fax: (678)289-6601jfarro@joefarro.com www.premiercapitalmortgage.com   This is somewhat long and I apologize, please take time to read as it explains many questions that homeowners have on the current status of the refinance d...
  Joe Farro Certified Mortgage PlannerPhone: (678)289-6600(800)613-0650Fax: (678)289-6601jfarro@joefarro.com www.premiercapitalmortgage.com    I know you may be a little bit overwhelmed and frustrated right now with all the NOISE and confusion about all the new government interventions in the mor...
  Joe FarroCertified Mortgage PlannerPhone: (678)289-6600(800)613-0650Fax: (678)289-6601jfarro@joefarro.comwww.premiercapitalmortgage.com   How Ready Are You for 2009? Now that the holidays are over and a new year has begun, now is the perfect time to make sure you are ready for 2009. Here are fi...
  Joe FarroCertified Mortgage PlannerPhone: (678)289-6600(800)613-0650Fax: (678)289-6601jfarro@joefarro.comwww.premiercapitalmortgage.com                                                                       4.5% Rates Possible?The news is abuzz about the Treasury lowering home loan rates to 4.5%...
   Joe Farro Certified Mortgage PlannerPhone: (678)289-6600(800)613-0650Fax: (678)289-6601 jfarro@joefarro.comwww.premiercapitalmortgage.com   Sunday, as I sit here and prepare for the upcomming week I cannot help but think about what a sales person said to me as she was leaving my office on Frid...

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