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Realtors with VACANT listings: This article really shows how bad the housing market has become. 25% of homeowners upside down. 8 million homes in foreclosure or foreclosed already and not on the market. Email me for details on how to save your sellers of vacant homes from foreclosure and buy them...
My fiancee is looking to expand her successful hometending company and needs agents in MOST markets to be Area Reps and earn BIG MONEY while helping sellers of vacant homes compete and ease their financial burdens with a FREE service. This service provides free home staging, security for their va...
We want 1,000,000 members who are TIRED of foreclosure homes bring down the looks and values in THEIR areas! Please visit the link below this picture and join my Facebook group. We want people who CARE about the neighborhoods they live in!If you are like I am, and you are SICK of all the reposses...
You are sick! If you are any kind of producing agent, you've no doubt gone out in the field and worked through your issues. It's never any fun to work when you are sick, but somehow it's just not as bad as when I used to work for a company and HAD to show up. Usually it was much easier to call in...
On more then one occaision. Somehow I have managed to lock the keys to a vacant home that I was showing IN the house. I think I came out with the part of the lockbox both times, however it didn't seem to have the key in it. Sure, this seems like it could happen at least once, but to have it happe...
And I got such a huge positive response from my Myspace following, that I thought I'd post it here as well. Here's my thoughts about making a change for the better, I hope you find it useful..... -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------...
Have you had at one time in your best year in real estate? And even more importantly, how many of them actually closed and what did you have to do to keep your sanity during all of this? I was fortunate enough to have 14 residential homes pending and waiting to close. It was so hard keeping them ...
Which ones are YOU using to gain more business? I have been using Myspace since 2006 and signed up for Facebook this year as well. It's amazing how many agents I run into that don't use ANY of the social networking sites to gain business and increase their sphere of influence. And why wouldn't yo...
I personally don't care for weekly sales meetings. I hear they are good for comraderie, knowing about the office listings, pushing your own haves and wants, etc.... I find them to be a waste of time though and more often then not, they take away an hour or 2-3 with the following tour that I could...
The house we home tend in Boise is amazing, 4400 SF, views of downtown Boise, wonderful place for us. And FREE since we own our Home Tending company. It's on the market and overpriced, so we've been fortunate to be here since NOV. 2008 with little showing interruption. However, we recently found ...

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