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During a weekly sales meeting this morning we watched a motivational movie and took a little time to pause and reflect on the current market. After leaving the sales meeting I was still a little hungry for more motivation. I found this saying posted on the web that to me is too cute and perfect n...
Safety has always been something that should be first on everyone's mind and I know we are in a totally different time right now. We have issues that we are facing that are totally new even to the most seasoned Realtors and I know it's been said over and over again. I know it harder and harder to...
Not to discuss politics here but I just pulled the following statement from President Bush's 2007 State of the Union Address and I am comparing this statement to where we are now and the 15 minute speech President Bush made last night on how dire or economic situation was and how important the su...

I simply do not get this whole PMI business. It is one of those things that if our customers don't have enough down they are expected to pay. The amounts raise their mortgage by a sizable amount and I don't get the real purpose of it. I know PMI is to protect the Lender but. during this mortgage ...
First and foremost to my fellow Realtors in Texas and your family's I want to say that my thoughts and prayers are with each of you effected by the Hurricane. I am a Realtor in Georgia and yesterday I went into a convenience store and heard this woman stating that this was the 3rd. vehicle she ha...
This is one I have to share! I have a house listed- New Construction- Beautiful Plantation Style home. Priced at $269,900.00. Got a call this morning from the seller. He took buyer to the house and showed them the house. Also, told them his bottom dollar. Then called me and wanted me to call the ...
I need your input. I got a call today from a Lender I use on a regular basis. He said he wanted to give me the heads up on one of the new Fannie Mae - Freddie Mac guidelines for first time home buyers. He told me that effective in the near future new home buyers wanting to finance FHA will be req...
Have you noticed how much the market is changing? I have found a new name for the infamous underwriter. You know the one who decides if you make it to the closing table or not. The one who ultimately says yes you close or no you don't. His or her name should be The Wizard of Oz! They like the wiz...
To all the moms/realtors out there I would like to wish you all a very Happy Mothers day! Each day you get up - Feed Children, Wash Clothes, Drive to and from school, educate, change diapers, listen to the dramas of the day, etc... and still find the time to list and sell!!!!!! May each of you ha...
I got a call today and have had several calls in the past month or so from customers who have driven by, saw on of my listing signs in the front yard and call me wanted to know information on the property in question. I explain to them the details of the house and they immediately want to know if...

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