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Just a little tip for anyone who is dealing with or who plans on dealing with a Short Sale in the near future. If you are representing the Seller and you have to deal directly with the Mortgage Holder. The main thing I would suggest is once the process has started and you have follow-ups with the...
I have a little confession to make! I have found myself to be like the old saying: "Kid In A Candy Store" when it comes to this Active Rain business. I catch myself constantly looking at each of the Blog even more than that when I post a blog myself it has gotten hilarious or maybe even a little ...
I got a call yesterday from an agent with another company. She said: " Your the only person I know who has dealt directly with the Lender on a Short Sale and I need your help. Please tell me how the process works?" I helped her and told her what I personally had dealt with but, I guess I was a bi...
I'm a little confused! With this ever changing Mortgage situation- Just a thought! If a customer has a Mortgage and is behind on their payments the first step Lenders do is to establish their current financial situation right? If it is confirmed that the customer still has the funds to pay their ...
About two weeks ago I challenged a very dear person to a points game which he accepted without hesitation! From that point on it seemed like Murphy's Law... No matter what I tried. No matter how many Blogs or responses to Blogs that I got or did I  could not get any points? I contacted the Powers...
I live realativly close to Cleveland Tennessee. I have a piece of property I am trying to sale near the area as well. I wonder what is going on in the market right now in Cleveland. I know at one point and time before things got a little crazy Cleveland was really booming... I haven't heard anyth...
On November 11 we will all celebrate Veterans Day. For some of us we will wake up and go through our day like any other. Some people will put more thought into their Valentines card they will send than the thought that a day has been created to pay honor for the many life's lost and the many sacr...
As I hope everyone has or is exercising their right to vote and I know of 4 families in particular that this day will live forever in their minds. But for me personally this day is a day that even though is truly historic goes much deeper. You see on this day 27 years ago I gave birth to my first...
We are nearing the end of another day! The customers we have dealt with are calling it quits for the evening and tomorrow is a day that will go down in the history books one way or another. All the e-mails have been answered as well as the phone calls. Now is the time to take a short moment to re...
As College Football is in full swing and the Holidays are among us. I have officially started a new game. Perhaps you could call it my own personal competition. When I first started using Active Rain I did what most agents probably do and I started looking around to see what agents were active in...

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