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Based on the many responces I received on my Blog I wanted to follow up and let each of you know how this mess played out. I had the original offer with a time limit of Tuesday at 5pm. Well Tuesday rolls around and no phone call no counter nothing. I called the listing agent who's Broker told me ...
This past weekend I had floor duty at my office and it was truly a very productive weekend. The phones rang constantly (which is great within itself!) From those phone calls I received 4 prospective customers and showed 8 homes. (all good) The best part was the fact that each of the prospective b...
In the past two weeks I have received in access of 20 or more calls from customers who are calling my agency wanting not to purchase but, instead are wanting to Lease. They do not want to do a Possible Lease Purchase or Lease Option. They are looking for a straight Lease. This can be looked at as...
I have to start this Blog with a with a positive. My business has truly picked up. I have been very busy and for that I am very thankful! Our newspaper reported yesterday that I unemployment was currently at 13.1% which is if I remember correctly the highest if not one of the highest in the natio...
I am currently working a Short Sale. It is not the first one I have done but, as with everything else it appears the rules are changing as each one is being done. I actually did my BPO before listing the property and based it on a price driven market which we are so in right now. I have been rece...
At the end of this day I am blown away! My day started off actually as I had stated in an earlier Blog getting to meet an actual Underwriter and getting to actually ask questions and actually get direct and to the point answers about past closings as well as current... It was great! I met with 3 ...
Why is it when I go into a convenience store and approach the counter not matter how big or small the counters the person in line directly behind me and it doesn't matter if it's a male or a female they suddenly feel that I am invisible. They proceed to start putting their bread, beer, chips, wha...
I know this is going to be a huge question, but I have spent the past hour and I believe I'm having computer problems. I wanted to see - what post actually get points and I also wanted to look at some of the Active Rain tips but, if I try to do anything on my computer other than Blog my computer ...
I just finished reading an article through CNN Money which shows the Housing Market is up but, still lower than expected. It states that's they feel our Market is up but, the reason they feel the numbers are lower than expected is due to the WEATHER. Because the country has experienced such a har...
I am sitting here looking at all the States, Cities, and Counties and all the Agents who are using Active Rain and the thought occurred to me? The one question I ask myself everyday when I look at each area being represented here is: " I wonder how their market is doing?" Are they seeing a turnar...

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