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Radiant Barrier is a great way to keep your home energy costs down.  This is something every Texas homeowner needs to think about getting for their home. You can either get the Radiant Barrier Spray and Radiant Barrier Foil.Both the spray and the foil "Reflect" radiant heat. The spray type can re...
Green building is a design and construction practice that promotes the economic health and well being of your family, the environment and your local community. Green building is necessary for our childrens future.  Below are some of the reasons why. Water: Older toilets use 3.7-7 gallons per flus...
Swimming Pool Safety Each year, in our country, 300 to 500 children under the age of five years old drown in residential swimming pools. The figure does not include the large number of  children who survive a near-drown...
Toxic chemicals may lurk inside your home, putting you and your family at great risk. Here are six household pollutants to watch out for, and tips on how to minimize your exposure. 1. Cigarette Smoke Cigarette smoke is a toxic pollutant, made up of more than 4,000 chemicals. In smokers, it causes...
An important component of a  home inspection is the inspection of the  roof. From the outside of the home, on a peaked shaped roof, a home inspector can make a visual inspection from the ground level. To get an even closer look he or she may use binoculars. Although most inspectors will climb ont...
Buy a programmable thermostat. Use it effectively and you can save you up to $190 a year on your energy bill. Shade the exterior air conditioner condenser unit and plant trees strategically around your home to keep it cool. That can save you $100 to $200 a year.  Make sure you plant them on the ...
   IS THERE A METH LAB  IN YOUR TEXAS NEIGHBORHOOD?   Many people are unaware that they're living near a meth lab. Meth labs can turn up anywhere such as houses, barns, apartments, trailers, campers, cabins and motel rooms - even in vehicles. The equipment needed for a meth lab can be as small as...
Hundreds of different problems can be found during a Home Inspection.  Here are ten  of the most common: 1) Improper Surface Grading and Drainage Problems. This is by far the most frequent problem. It is responsible for the most common household aggravations, including water penetration into the...
     Texas is well known for Foundation Problems.  Some of the causes could be: Sources of water such as leaking faucets. Neighboring Properties drainage water onto your property. Improper placement of soaker hoses. Inadequate gutter systems and drainage systems. Overgrowth of Tree root or bush r...
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