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Superbowl Selling Strategies   The Phoenix Cardinals and the Pittsburg Steelers will battle in the Superbowl this weekend. Each team has a super strategy in hopes of winning the football game in Tampa.    Over the past 31 years I have helped over 3,500 home sellers liquidate their properties with...
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Running comps for a seller is necessary, but not sufficient in determining market value.  In a declining market, looking at past sales is like attempting to drive to a destination by focusing on the rear view mirror.  The current competition and absorption rate are more relevant. Last week I list...
The newest national real estate designation is the 'Do Not List' (DNL).  It is conferred upon agents who have the courage to tell the truth to sellers, and refuse to take listings that are overpriced from sellers who are insufficiently impassioned to affect a sale. For example, this week I receiv...
Impersonating A Seller A few days ago I cancelled a listing because I discovered a client impersonating a seller. The client complained about the lack of showings and offers but refused to implement my suggestion to lower the price. Serious sellers aggressively price their properties to insure a ...
Just the other day I received a call from a seller who wanted to cancel his listing becasue he, "Wasn't happy". What in the world makes people feel entitled to happiness just because they listed their home for sale? Listing a home for sale should make a seller feel 'on the market', not happy! In ...
I Love Short Sales!   A short sale is an oxymoron. They are seldom short and sometimes result in a foreclosure. In the past I detested them & rebelled at the paperwork jungle and frustrating lack of timely lender communications.   Recently, I realized that short sales will be with us for some tim...
Please Sell Me Something!   This morning I received a call from a salesperson about an online internet marketing program called Z57. The caller began by asking, "Are you still in the real estate business". Wow, what a great opening line if you want to upset a prospective buyer!    You never get a...
What can a seller or real estate agent learn from the greatest pole vaulter in history? Keep raising the bar (buyer incentives) until you win an acceptable offer. Sergei Bubka holds the world record in pole vaulting with a vault over 20 feet. In his 18 years career he broke the world record 35 ti...
One of my favorite movies is Forest Gump. In my opinion, one of the best lines in the film is, "Stupid is as stupid does". Today, I did something really stupid as a real estate agent. Hopefully, you can learn from my mistake. I was in a Washington Mutual bank branch and noticed a large sign in th...

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