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There are some great thoughts here by my fellow Active Rainer Marte Cliff. It's so true. We all need to stay in touch with our clients. No one is asking you to spend your whole paycheck in doing this. In fact, our clients probably don't expect this. But they would like to hear from us. Enjoy the ...
Hi all: I hope you're well and gearing up for a great day tomorrow. Today I did one of my random stops for coffee near where I live. I wanted to pull into my parking spot but there was a pickup blocking my way. He was having trouble moving it and explained why. That's when my Pay it Forward lesso...
Hi all: Here in Seattle, arguably the coffee capitol of the world, it's always nice to find a place that does it right when it comes to coffee. That place is Uptown Espresso-home of the perfect foam! What's great about Uptown Espresso is it's authentically Seattle. For those of you who haven't be...
This is a great blog by my friend George about non-traditional credit. George is correct in that not every investor will accept other forms of credit. The good news is some do for conventional loan (minimum 5% down) programs. I know we don't have any FHA lenders that will although there may be a ...
Hi all: I hope you're well! Yesterday I got a call from a client of mine. I had locked his 30 year fixed interest rate at 3.5%. My client asked about a better rate because he went to his bank and they were quoting 3.25%. What he found out was this was for purchases only. We're doing a refinance. ...
This is another great post by my fellow Active Rainer Leslie. It is very true. We sometimes get all twitterpated about discounters and if they will impact our business. I do as well. But old-fashioned service with a smile wins almost every time. Most people still want and will pay for this. Thank...
Hi all: I hope you're having a busy and productive day. There's a lot of talk about the upcoming fiscal cliff scheduled to hit the first of the year. To recap, the fiscal cliff is where all the tax cuts will expire. These tax cuts were originally passed in the Bush administration and then continu...
This is a great post by my Active Rain colleague Endre. It is so true. You do get what you pay for. It's nice to hear that more than 30% of of potential buyers would be willing to pay more to get superior service. I wish this percentage were higher. Stories of poor service due to making a choice ...
This is great advice from my friend Perrin. High touch service with low marketing costs win every time. A long-term approach reaching out and touching your sphere works every time! Thanks for reading!Over this last weekend I was in Seattle visiting a friend that has a catering business in Seattle...
These are some great thoughts from my AR friend, Lenn Harley. I think direct mail can work; especially because very few of our competitors are probably using it. If the campaign is well done and consistent I think the results can be good. Thanks for reading!DIRECT MAIL WORKS, if it's done with pe...

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